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Dai Bin: the new ethics of mass tourism in the Internet era, Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research institute. The author of this article is the keynote speech of the Forum on tourism internationalization in the Internet era. The original text is as follows: Comrades, friends: hosted G20 and the world Internet Conference in Zhejiang, in a word "Sanqiu seeds, ten flowers" had its northern emperor cast off the river Zhizhi whip in Hangzhou, especially in tourism in Hangzhou for many years, vision, all aspects of theory and practice to front director Li Hong dialogue on international first-class experts, whether it is on the Internet, or about tourism, are quite difficult. In fact, after these years of business practice, government and academic seminar, "tourism has already become the" Internet plus "driven by entrepreneurial innovation the most active areas", "the wisdom of tourism and the huge market potential has not released" view has gained broad consensus. As for how to develop and apply new technologies, new models and new formats, involving investment institutions and market players have more say. Therefore, after taking this task, just the theme of the speech, I repeated four or five times, or would like to talk about tourism ethics and business ideas. In the era of mass tourism and national leisure, tourists, whether traveling with a group or individual, should be free. Two years ago, only ten words a letter of resignation letter on the Internet spread like wildfire: "the world is so big, I want to see". Hot network comes and go. The crowd and noisy, dispersed, leaving is not just a feather, or a new era of tourism ethics history core. Hundreds of thousands of years, Jun Jun Chen, soil farming, moved to the historical culture and social psychology under the influence of tourism and travel a few of the daily life of ordinary people in the position of options. Until 1999, who was known as the "Golden Week" National Day, have some spare cash, leisure, national public awareness of tourism by inbound tourists market influence for many years before was awakened. Liu man enters the garden like, just beginning to enjoy the travel rights of us, to see what is different, everyone wants to see a "horseshoe Chunfengdeyi disease, Changan flower". But there is no travel experience, ah, worry about buying a train ticket, worried about the place to live, more worried about things to buy is false. Coupled with the initial stage of tourism, the budget is not so adequate. What should I do? Find a travel agent. They have a knowledgeable guide, even foreigners received very well, they have the money, get a train ticket to book the price of the hotel, etc.. But behind slowly, with the group tour is broken, but not free ah, always feel at a certain time and others to do the same thing, I feel like working state. Wait until the Internet, especially smart phones and cloud computing supported by the mobile Internet allows everyone to travel freely with the possibility of reality. Now a smart phone in hand, you can query, book, take tickets, pay, you can spot meals, remote control of home appliances appliances, virtual reality, online dating, offline meet, you can open相关的主题文章: