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Business What is Lost Wax Investment Casting? Lost Wax Investment Casting is a process meant for precision investment casting of any type of metal including iron, steel, copper, aluminum, alloys etc. It is one of the oldest forms of metal-forming techniques and though the process is primarily used for creating small castings, it can even be used to make steel castings, aluminum castings and air craft door frames. Casting Manufacture Process Lost wax investment casting can be made from wax model and a number of steps are followed before the final product is ready. The first step is to make a mold or a die into which wax can be poured and this mold can be used again for making more castings. The wax needs to be assembled onto a runner and then soaked in ceramic slurry. The grains of refractory material are scattered over the assembly and then it is and the same process is repeated at last 3 to 4 times before the shell thickens. The assembly has to be dried thoroughly before it is placed in a steam autoclave to remove the wax. The mould needs to be heated in an oven to preheat the mould and cure the ceramic. Then a metal such as steel, iron, copper alloy or aluminum is poured into the mould and the ceramic needs to be broken down. Once the castings come out they can be used as per the specifications. Benefits of Lost Wax Investment Casting In India most exporters prefer this industrial process of lost wax investment casting because there are a number of benefits for doing so. some of the most common benefits include: Lost Wax Investment casting offers more flexibility in design. 相关的主题文章: