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Do not want to open the shop do not know what to sell experts: these things are not suitable for the sale of contemporary life newspaper reporter   Deng Ying Ying core tips to shop online, do you know how to choose the goods? Shop opened up, and how to operate? Recently, in 2016 China and ASEAN under the framework of APEC for disabled persons to participate in e-commerce training classes in Nanning, training by the host, Guangxi CDPF CDPF Chinese Chinese, ASEAN and other contractors, from about 50 disabled persons to participate in the training of "Internet plus", other electricity providers have in-depth study of Tsinghua University postdoctoral Wang Jibin to want to do business people put forward some opinions. Sell what read several keywords to help Nanning people miss the birth of a child after he did not go to work, to learn the characteristics of electronic commerce transaction cost is low, less inventory, business opportunities, thinking about doing business with the child, but she does not know what kind of products should be chosen. In an interview, the reporter learned that, for many companies who want to open the shop, this is a very common problem. For this problem, Wang Jibin said, in his own shop to choose products, many people tend to have what to sell, which is obviously wrong. He gives us a few words — – product, price, packaging and consider what products, pricing, wrapping, these are the need to consider the good. The standardization of product standardization to the electricity supplier. For example, if you sell potatoes, potatoes are large and small, different standards, bad standardization, so as electronic goods, there are certain restrictions. High commodity prices high prices of goods not easy business. The general price of the commodity to electricity, but the price is too high for the goods, such as Hermes and other high commodity prices, not easy business, people prefer to shop to buy. High frequency high frequency use of goods to the electricity supplier. In real life, the use of high frequency of goods easy electricity supplier, such as drops taxi, daily life, people use a high frequency, very popular. But if you choose to get married with the commodity, the marriage itself is relatively low frequency, it is not easy to electricity supplier. – experience the stronger the more difficult business. Such as selling vegetables, selling vegetables when people love their love to choose, even see the color of the dish, vegetables may also use a hand to pinch, see whether vegetables are fresh, tender, experience is very high, so the electricity supplier is not easy to sell vegetables. The target population according to the target population of the choice of goods. Selection of electric products for the target population, for example, if the choice of goods for the elderly, the elderly themselves on online shopping is not familiar with, if you choose this kind of goods as electronic goods, may be inappropriate. How to sell 10 million do not fall into a price war, said Wang Jibin, Guangxi has a good resource for electricity providers. A Guangxi girl married in Zhejiang, after the birth of a child does not work, she took advantage of their own circle of friends to sell fruit in Vietnam, there are several million income each month, an average of two days to carry a car from Guangxi to Vietnam to the local fruit. Then that.相关的主题文章: