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Do not say "no money", the poor must still manage money, always see a lot of people ask how much money to finance, I buy what financial management, and so on. Many people have a lot of confusion about financial management, here melts 360 Xiaobian to talk to you. Financial management is not equal to investment, often see people put investment and finance into a piece of talk, people think that the two words are almost the same meaning, are money making or money begets money, in fact, there is a difference between the two. Investment is in common use your capital to make money, the cost can be money, material or your own talent. But financial management is the management of property and debt, through which to achieve financial value and value added. Here are 360 small books, mainly talk about personal and family financial management. How much money should be managed? Don’t ask how much money you can manage, or you don’t think you have any money. It’s clear that money management is actually planning and investing your assets and liabilities, which is what you need to do regardless of how much money you have. You’re poor, and you have hundreds of dollars left and you can choose to spend it or save it, or even put it in the balance. Ordinary people say to engage in financial management, in fact, to buy financial products and other ways to generate money, such as the balance of treasure mentioned above, as well as treasury bonds, gold, futures and so on. There are many financial tools that can be used to finance, which need to be configured according to individual differences. How to finance this if carefully speaking out of a book, and what the financial sector, the stock market, I don’t want to go into the market economy, I road is still shallow, but there are so many Daniel these two great God; for we are ordinary people, or too macro, may not practical. Here are 360 little pieces, just a little bit of directions and actionable places. Say so much, you must know, financial management is not up to consider what to buy financial products, the first thing to do is cash planning. Want to know their needs, how to allocate money in the hand (how to flow), arrange the consumption expenditure, and see how much money can be left. If it is family financial management, it is necessary to make plans for children’s education, for the family now, this expenditure is the main expenditure in addition to the purchase. Due to the uncertainty of the future, it is necessary to make an education funding plan as early as possible, and in the preparation stage, we should raise or reserve more money in order to meet the needs of the future. Then what you need to do is estimate the risk. You may not assess their risk, but can you imagine how much damage there is a basic concept, such as a loss can not endure, it is conservative, it intends to make a double up, then of course you are radical, as for today’s vote in ten thousand, too just a few days to earn a thousand or even hundreds of thousands, that is the gambler (usually not dreaming is crazy). What is the next thing to do when you have a pre estimate of risk tolerance? Do you choose financial products? Don’t be so impatient, first give yourself an insurance, and then do something risky. Personal insurance and property insurance should be taken into account, and liability insurance and credit guarantee insurance should be taken into account.

别拿“没钱”说事儿 穷人照样必须理财总能看到很多人问要多少钱才能理财,我买什么理财好等等此类问题。很多人对于理财都存在诸多迷茫,这里融360小编就来跟大家聊聊。理财不等于投资经常会看到人们把投资理财放到一块讲,让人认为两个词是差不多的意思,都是赚钱或者钱生钱,其实两者是有差别的。投资通俗来说就是用你的本钱来赚钱,本钱可以是金钱、实物或者你本身的才华。但理财则是,是对财产和债务的管理,通过以此来实现财务的保值和增值。这里融360小编主要跟大家聊个人和家庭理财。有多少钱都要理财不要再问有多少钱才能理财,或者认为自己反正没几个钱就别理财了。上面说的很清楚了,理财其实是对你的资产和负债做规划和投资,这是不管你的钱有多少都需要做的事。你算你穷的全身上下只剩下几百块,你也可以选择是花掉还是存起来,甚至放到余额宝里(等于买货币基金)。平常大家说的搞理财其实是买理财产品等方式钱生钱,比如上面说的余额宝,还有比如说国债、黄金、期货等。可用于理财的金融工具很多,这需要根据个性差异来配置。到底该怎么理财这要是细细说来可以出一本书了,而什么金融行业、股市、经济市场我不想赘述了,一来我道行尚浅,而且外面有那么多大牛大神;二来说这些对于咱们普通老百姓来说,还是太宏观了,可能也不实用。这里融360小编只简单说一些方向和可操作的地方。说这么多了,你想必也知道了吧,理财不是上来就考虑买什么理财产品好,首先要做的就是现金规划。想清楚自己的需求,手里的钱(可流动的)要怎么分配,安排好消费支出,看可以剩下大概多少钱。如果是家庭理财,就需要对子女教育做出规划,对于现在家庭来说,这项开支是除了购房外最主要的支出了。由于对未来的不确定性因素的考量,尽早做出教育资金规划是很有必要的,而且在准备阶段应该筹集或储备更多的钱,以备未来有超出计划的需要。然后需要做的是对风险的预估。可能你不太会评估自己的风险,但是试想一下你能承受多大损失就有一个基本的概念了,比如一点损失都不能忍,那就是保守型的,上来就打算赚个翻倍的,那你当然是激进的,至于今天投进去一万,过几天就打算赚个三五万甚至几十万的,那就是赌徒了(通常情况下不是做梦就是疯了)。对风险承受力有一个预判后,紧跟着要做的是什么?挑选理财产品吗?别那么心急先给自己上个保险,再来干有风险的事。人身保险和财产保险都要考虑,还有责任保险和信用保证保险就看各位的具体情况了,其他还有什么不一一赘述了。好吧终于说到投资了,光有风险承受能力肯定是不行的,至少要具备一定投资理财的基本知识,什么都不懂的还是别投了,放在手上贬值也比亏光了或被骗光的好。投资工具有很多,了解的人可以选着和自己的资产及风险承受能力相匹配的。最后是养老规划了,从上班开始交社保就是养老的一部分,但你也知道这是不够的。上面储备、投资和买保险都会影响未来养老的能力。只想再次强调一点,不懂就不要投资,免得你的养老钱都折了。生活总不能免俗,无论你是苟且还是走向诗和远方,任何生活都离不开物质基础,所以你可以不投资但必须理财,就和你吃饭睡觉一样重要。相关的主题文章: