Double eleven carnival night. Good at home 15 minutes the whole platform sales break twenty million mmc.exe

Double eleven carnival night. Good at home 15 minutes the whole platform sales break twenty million – 30 city science and technology Sohu, more than 1 million households, to witness the double eleven "good Kang miracle"! Good Kang refresh the domestic industry in the history of the whole platform sales record — 15 minutes sales exceeded 20 million yuan at home again time in advance to enjoy preferential! Fun gifts early in November 3rd on the launch of the "good, generous deposit worth a thousand yuan" pre-sale activities in the WeChat public, users only need to pay a deposit ranging from 1-60 yuan, can obtain the highest straight down 6400 yuan discount; a double payment, but also get real buy a gift sent to N ". Only in November 3rd, 4, 5, three days, the number of pre-sale service orders of nearly 30 thousand single! "Remarkable good generous at home" influence in the domestic industry. The concept of martial arts "celebrity" back after 8 years of double eleven, has already bid farewell to the traditional "buy buy buy", it even has bid farewell to the electric vector, and become flourishing in a line under the line of the carnival. Black science and technology, VR experience, through the ancient, star party…… A variety of gameplay variety, good generous at home also invited a "celebrity" back. Guan Yu, Bai Suzhen, Mulan, Wu Song, these TV movies often appear in the role of a return guest cleaning division, with generous Japanese tool group interpretation of a domestic rescue". New listing behind the double in November eleven, good at home. Launched a new product "extremely bright net". Very good at home at the expense of bright net belongs to the "deep clean" product line, focus on cleaning only focus on the family of a specific area or module. "Very clean bright" by the exclusive set of tools — ultra fine Japanese clean tool "7+7" combination, Rick at 4 hours of service, to all families (including glass, window glass, window blinds, window screen etc.) completed 29 cleaning points, seamless services to customers with zero residual. Double eleven in the first 15 minutes, a very clear network platform to complete the service order sales nearly 10000 orders. The industry trade index 0 points of the first pair of Taobao eleven crazy also still in front, a wave of payment makes the system very busy, 2016 Tmall double 11 Carnival and the world record 7 minutes sales record 10 billion. Taobao is also good at home. In addition to the WeChat platform outside another important battlefield, is the major business of a hotly contested spot. According to the background of the Taobao industry trade index shows that as of November 11, 2016 1:00, at the expense of good at home in the localization of life services industry whole network trading index ranked first, leading the second nearly 8 times. In 2015 eleven, 2016 38, double twelve day, continuous within half a year in the home three times good. Refresh China family service industry sales records, 2016 double eleven, good generous at home to remarkable achievements once again at the forefront of the industry. Double eleven carnival night has passed, but the sales boom continues. Good. How many billion at home will exceed 2016 annual sales? The answer is obvious, we will wait and see.相关的主题文章: