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Missed Charges – Impact By: ecare India | Mar 5th 2016 – As the US healthcare reimbursement landscape more challenging, there is absolutely no room for any oversight, let alone errors! Tags: Claims Transmission On Hold By: ecare India | Mar 5th 2016 – It is that time of the year when Practices and healthcare billing solution providers begin to release claims that they have kept on hold for more than a month. Tags: Offshore Medical Billing – Transition Process By: Ecareindia | May 29th 2014 – The success of any outsourced medical billing project purely depends on the transition process carried out by offshore medical billing .panies at the initial stage of on-boarding a new client. Tags: An Offshore Medical Billing Partner Can .plement Your Billing Services By: Ecareindia | Apr 16th 2014 – Outsourcing medical billing has be.e more prevalent these days in the US healthcare space. Tags: Importance Of Managing Denials By: Angela ecare | Jan 9th 2014 – US health care industry is largely dependent on successful reimbursements from claims made to insurance payers. Tags: Outsourcing "�" Do You Have A Vendor Or Partner? By: Angela ecare | Oct 9th 2013 – Many medical billing .panies recently have realized that their growth purely depends on outsourcing a part of medical billing services to offshore .panies. If you are one among them, then you have to be choosy in selecting the offshore medical billing .pany. It is because of the fact that many offshore .panies perfo … Tags: Medical Billing "�" Are You .petitive Enough? By: Angela ecare | Oct 8th 2013 – The healthcare outsourcing domain has witnessed a massive amount of changes in recent times. The HIPAA 5010 platform adoption and the proposed migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes are some of the important changes that revolutionized the domain. These changes had/will have a big impact on the medical billing .panies as th … Tags: Icd-10 – Impact On The Revenue Cycle By: Ecareindia | Oct 3rd 2013 – Right from Healthcare Providers to medical billing .panies, everyone in the US is looking forward to one major change, which is the ICD-10 implementation. Tags: Medical Billing "�" Importance Of Due Diligence Process By: Ecareindia | Sep 18th 2013 – More than 15 years back, US medical billing .panies realized that outsourcing a part of their billing functions to offshore medical billing vendors can be beneficial. Tags: Payment Posting Of Eras By: Ecareindia | Aug 25th 2013 – The modernization of the healthcare medical claims processing has brought in so many changes to the existing workflow and medical billing and coding patterns. Payment postings no exception in that list. Tags: Prudent Use Of Appeals By: Ecareindia | Aug 25th 2013 – Most medical billing .panies in the US have a specially-recruited team of professionals to handle claim denials. The reason is that they anticipate claim denials from insurance payers, Tags: Denial Management "�" Analysis Vs. Calling By: Ecareindia | Jul 27th 2013 – Medical billing .panies in the US go through a lot of hardships to manage their clients"�� inflated AR. It has been found in a research that the money spent in resolving the denied claims is more than the actual reimbursement that has to .e in when claims get processed otherwise. Tags: Efficient Medical Billing "�" Coding Updates By: Ecareindia | Jul 22nd 2013 – The HIPAA 5010 migration, ICD-10 Implementation are some changes that have not only revolutionized the healthcare domain, but also imposed a huge responsibility on medical billing and coding .panies in the US Tags: Pros And Cons Of Offshore Medical Billing By: Ecareindia | Jul 22nd 2013 – We all know that Healthcare Providers are trying their best to sustain their practice, especially after the new healthcare reforms. It is the same scenario with US based healthcare outsourcing .panies as well. Tags: Medical Billing Accuracy "�" Areas To Monitor By: Ecareindia | Jul 2nd 2013 – A medical billing .pany"��s growth or stagnation is determined by the accuracy level of medical billing services performed. Tags: Co-ordination Of Benefits (cob) By: Ecareindia | Jul 2nd 2013 – One of the trickiest situations in medical billing is to ascertain the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary payers when the patient is covered under more than one group payer. Tags: Bundled Payment Initiative By Hhs By: Ecareindia | Jul 2nd 2013 – The recent buzz in the healthcare domain is about the CMS"��s latest announcement on the Bundled Payment initiative. Tags: Getting Maximum Reimbursements In Medical Billing By: Ecareindia | Mar 24th 2012 – Any physician would be happy to get maximum reimbursements for the service that he/she rendered. But, Tags: Medical Billing Outsourcing – How To Make It Successful? By: Ecareindia | Mar 7th 2012 – If you are a medical practice that has chosen to outsource medical billing and coding functions, it is essential that you need to follow certain guidelines that will make outsourcing a success for you. Tags: Why Outsource To Medical Billing Specialists? By: Ecareindia | Mar 7th 2012 – The U.S healthcare industry is one of the most active segments in the world. The industry often faces great challenges of new process/software implementations while meeting the growing needs of healthcare. Tags: Physician Billing Towards Balanced Work By: Ecareindia | Feb 7th 2012 – After the chaos that the HIPAA 5010 implementation has created in the industry, there are multiple unanswered questions before us. Tags: Sustainable Growth Rate "�" The Damocles Sword That Hangs Over Physicians By: Ecareindia | Jan 22nd 2012 – The Holiday Season is here and whilst the entire US and most people across the globe celebrate the festive spirit of the season, Tags: Choosing A Good Medical Claims Processing Software By: Ecareindia | Oct 14th 2011 – We are going to discuss now, about the features that good medical claims processing "�" the medical billing software should possess. Tags: 10 Steps To Gateway Of Smooth Icd-10 Transition By: Ecareindia | Sep 14th 2011 – It is long since we started talking about ICD-10 transition. But, still most of us are unclear as what to do with the implementation. Tags: Clinical Documentation Needs Of Icd-10 By: Ecareindia | Aug 29th 2011 – Clinical documentation is an integral part of health Information Management. The clinical documentation needs doesn"��t end with diagnosis and treatment of patients. It is also needed for efficient medical claims processing. Clinical documentation remains the source for the coders to assign the exact diagnosis and procedure … Tags: Coping With Productivity Drop During Icd-10 Transition By: Ecareindia | Aug 29th 2011 – Many healthcare entities as well as medical coding & billing .panies are concerned about ICD-10 transition. What"��s stopping medical billing .panies? Apart from the initial hurdles and cost factor, the main troubling parameter is productivity drop during ICD 10 transition. It is estimated that there will be a drop in p … Tags: Dos & Don’t Of Icd 10 By: Ecareindia | Aug 29th 2011 – If you are a physician billing .pany providing physicians billing services to hospitals & medical practices, you have to take extra care to implement ICD-10. As a provider of physicians billing services, you will be responsible for .plete ICD-10 transition and you cannot depend majorly on your clients. Tags: Benefits Of Implementing Icd-10 By: Ecareindia | Aug 29th 2011 – The ICD-10 is not a mere update in the coding system. ICD-10 is a streamlined set of codes that enables greater "��specificity"�� in indicating the exact medical condition of a patient and procedure done. This specificity will provide multiple benefits to the medical insurance billing and coding as well as healthcare indust … Tags: Overview Of Icd-10 By: Ecareindia | Aug 29th 2011 – Process revisions and implementations are not new to the US medical claims processing industry. But, after the ICD-9 transition in 1970s, ICD-10 is the major change that the medical billing and coding industry faces. We know that United States is not the first nation to implement ICD-10. Canada implemented ICD-10 in 2001, G … Tags: 10 Steps To Gateway Of Smooth Icd-10 Transition By: Ecareindia | Aug 29th 2011 – It is long since we started talking about ICD-10 transition. But, still most of us are unclear as what to do with the implementation. We are in fact awaiting the HIPAA 5010 change by January 1, 2012 that"��s going to redefine healthcare .pliance & enhance medical claims processing. This version will support ICD-10 changes … Tags: All About Emr & Why You Need Emr For Your Practice By: Ecareindia | Jun 19th 2011 – The US healthcare industry is looking forward to many technological and industry based implementations in the forth .ing years. With the deadline fast approaching for ICD10, version 5010 .pliance, ACO program and EMR implementation, hospitals & healthcare organizations are busy working out plans for smooth transition of … Tags: What Should Healthcare Organizations Do To Ensure Patient Data Protection By: Ecareindia | May 19th 2011 – Time and again, the US healthcare industry is struggling to defend against the threats to patient data security. Tags: Denial Management In Medical Billing By: Ecareindia | Apr 11th 2011 – It"��s true that effective denial management can increase healthcare collections to a huge extent. Tags: Improving Patient Collections By: Ecareindia | Mar 31st 2011 – Physicians"�� office and medical billing .panies employ various effective strategies to boost the medical insurance billing collections. Tags: How Does Insurance Eligibility Verification Helps In Reducing Denials And The Medical Billing Cycle By: Ecareindia | Mar 7th 2011 – Insurance eligibility verification is the foundation of the medical insurance billing cycle and it has the power to decide the fate of a claim. At times we don"��t give adequate significance to doing insurance eligibility verification. We have an impression that certain claims don"��t require insurance eligibility v … Tags: Why Physician Credentialing Is Important? By: Ecareindia | Feb 23rd 2011 – As a physician, it is essential for you to be credentialed and be in par with several prominent insurance carriers. Tags: Getting Your Practice Running Better "�" Improving Healthcare Collections By: Ecareindia | Nov 9th 2010 – If I say this, it would give a better meaning if I mention about improving the medical billing collections. In the United States, healthcare industry functions in a totally different way. Practices not only have to care about curing the patients and coping with technology and medical advancements, but also have to run behin … Tags: How Do You Get Rid Of Heavy Work Pressure, Save Time And Money While You Outsource Medical Billing? By: Ecareindia | Oct 20th 2010 – There are lots of aspects that a physician or a medical billing .pany has to concentrate while performing the medical billing task. Tags: 4 Main Reasons Why Physicians Should Outsource Medical Billing By: Ecareindia | Oct 20th 2010 – To stop "��losing focus"�� on core business: For doctors, the responsibility in their side is to save the patients"�� life. No doctor is too idle to concentrate more on administrative or back office work. That"��s why they miss out on medical billing at times. Tags: How To Choose A Good Medical Billing .pany For Outsourcing? By: Ecareindia | Oct 20th 2010 – Step to success: Home work before you hire Tags: 相关的主题文章: