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Are you working harder everyday and its never enough? Have you lost focus on what is truly meaningful and important? Are you a slave to your work and have become ineffective and burnt out? Do you have a burning desire to want more in your life than the endless hours spent in a negative atmosphere? What If these 10 Principles could help Leverage your Business? I am asking these deep felt questions in order to get to the root cause of your dilemma. I have read several books that inspired me on becoming a great and fearless leader. The questions you read above were the same questions that I have overcome myself and helped me during my Entrepreneur Economic Growth. I worked as a superintendent for a huge Corporate Plant. What I saw was people in all positions from Plant Managers to the line employees struggling with challenges that did not have simple solutions. These were talented people who wanted to make a difference they were caught in an urgent deadline, unrealistic expectations, and politics. I found myself in a critical time in that I had to make a business decision. It had no correct answer and could only be made with a Leap of Faith, by me alone. The solution was to trust my Inward Principles, which would help me be effective and become a significant leader to others. A ship that turns its direction by one degree will alter its course by hundreds of miles. The more you trust your Inward Principles the more you will impact the direction your headed, and more freedom you have, the more indigenous leader you become. At my very core I was wanting meaning and purpose in my life. I was looking for a confirmation to satisfy my answers with clarity and direction in the midst of confusion and a sense of fulfillment. I wanted to do the right thing to follow my Inward Principles that I followed on Sunday and use them in my daily task at work for the rest of the week. I found no means to this endless distraction unless I could be the Captain of the ship. The following are the differences I have found between the Corporate Principles and the Inward Principles. Evaluate them deeply so that the value of each will help you in your meaning and decisions. Corporate Principles Achieve results Ask what can I get? Success = money Work to please people Place themselves first Short-term gain Slave to the Company Inward Principles Serve a Purpose Say how can I give? Significance = people Work to please God Place themselves last Long-term Legacy Freedom of Choice We would normally view these principles as being right and wrong. We are faced with devastating choices that would alter our course in different directions. Either we embrace the Corporate Principles and turn away from our Inward Principles, or we can accept our Inward Principles and grasp whatever business consequences come our way. Consequences like "Can I do what is right and be successful?" and "Can I be both ethical and profitable?". I believe the answer to these questions is YES. You have to believe in your Inward Principles to have the courage to live them, and have the patience to wait for them to work for you. We are to prosper and be valuable leaders, and to serve as models to help others. We are Leaders that uphold a solid foundation and center, and we are built to grow stronger over time during the middle of external pressures. As a result, our challenges and dilemmas strengthen us to become the successful leader your Inward Principles intended you to be. Following are some guidelines to decipher for yourself if you are a Good Leader or a Great Leader. Your future is determined by what you believe and do. What you believe is what you do, what you do is how you behave, and how you behave determines your consequence. Good Leader Cracks under pressure Places profits over principles which reduces their value over time Their character weakens over time They produce nothing other than the required results Great Leader Overcomes and adapts Places principles over profits which builds their value over time Their character strengthens over time They produce a legacy in addition to business results You might be asking yourself, "How will this help me?" In order for you to become a Great Leader you need to use your outer development skills and talent. You also need to continue to develop your Inward Principles wholeheartedly with persistence and passion. Here are the 10 Principles that will help Leverage your Business. These 10 Principles will be delivered in a series of detailed Articles. 10 Principles to Help Leverage Your Business: 1. Having a Purpose "How to find meaning and purpose in your business." 2. Definition of Success "How to define success in you business." 3. Gaining Courage "How to do the right thing when others are doing otherwise." 4. How to be Patient "How to avoid becoming a slave to short term obstacles." 5. Lead by Example "How to use Inward Principles in a diverse world." 6. Self Control "How to deal with situations you have no control over." 7. Hard Choices "What to do when faced with a bad choice and a worse choice." 8. Learn how to Serve "How to attract, retain, and motivate others." 9. Social solidarity "How to make a win-win situation." 10. Knowing your Priorities "How to overcome exhaustion." Final thought on your quest for success. First, let us connect to share ideas and insight on Inward Principles. Secondly, it is important to remember why you are taking on this effort. You have a purpose in life that wants you to succeed. As you focus on your Inward Principles keep in mind you are being prepared for a significant reward far beyond what you can see or imagine. Lets enjoy the journey together. Why Not? Start Now! About the Author: Rickbeth Marketing is a business masterminding with millionaire’s and assisting serious entrepreneurs build a profitable online business working from home. Learn more about the Author at: .rickbeth.wordpress.com/ or submit your application to get started: .livingwealthycareer.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Network-Marketing By: Sandy Z – Reality TV, we have all watched it. Like it or not it is a big part of our culture today. But did you know who the real stars of reality TV are? They are the people who edit the hours and hours of video footage that is shot. They make hours of boredom look e … By: Sandy Z – We are all prone to laziness because the path of least resistance is the most appealing. 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