Experts reveal the key to the victory of the people’s Liberation Army in the Taiwan Strait War Okina-kasey chase

Key experts reveal the liberation army win the war in the Taiwan Strait: the bombing of the Okinawa military base and core tip: Chinese, the PLA Air Force 6 aircraft flying over a circle around Taiwan, Ma Dingsheng believes that the Taiwan war is the key to control of the air, but not in Taiwan over the island for air power, but a strong barrier to Japan’s aid. Phoenix November 30th "military observation room", the following is the text: Dong Jiayao: People’s Liberation Army the 6 fighters, 2 bombers, 2 combat aircraft, 2 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, the future will have more large-scale combat aircraft formation flight? The best horse: we all know that the Taiwan war is the key control of the air, the people’s Liberation Army to get control of the air. But in Taiwan over the island of airpower, but to a strong barrier to Japan’s aid, so this is a great need for combat, as long as it is in the east of Taiwan and north of aerial combat aircraft carrier, Okinawa that is not enough, even the Japanese military base must first put it in the nest destroyed. "Military observation room" broadcast in Phoenix TV station program [Chinese area] host: Dong Jiayao [host] area first time: Wednesday: 22:00 22:30    replay time: Thursday   03:25-04:00 15:30 to see more gold commentary, hot reading, anchor style, behind the dirt? Hush! Quietly to join Phoenix will enjoy private (ID:phtvifeng), let Xiaofeng Jun take you to walk along a small rear phoenix.                相关的主题文章: