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Family entertainment mogul palace You Qi quite like the hostess Chen Huiling sun and Zhou family photo Chen Huiling previously shared with her little daughter, Zhou Zhuohua. The Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Macao entertainment tycoon Zhou Zhuohua (wash rice China) last year with Chinese model Mandy Lieu, the Chen Huiling palace dead heart signed the divorce certificate, but it has not yet agreed to Zhuohua week. Recently, the Zhou Zhuohua frequency is linked to save Chen Huiling, the day before Chen Huiling do charity gala, Zhou Zhuohua’s father, son and others have arrived at the scene, users see one family photo, also called Chan said: "you just like the hostess". Zhou Zhuohua recently still deal with Mandy between Lieu and Chen Huiling, Zhou Zhuohua had previously at a friend’s party, embrace Chen Huiling singing "I love you", and shouted "I have only one week too, so that people in London for the second week Cheuk Wahson Mandy Lieu explode, shortly after the user witnessed week Cheuk fly to England to China Comfort Mandy, two street and hold and pro, Mandy also nibble tycoon two people such as the neck, love couples. After the divorce and busy with their career Chen Huiling, led the charity’s day before dinner, Chen Huiling took the last born daughter appeared, while Zhou Zhuohua and his ex-wife’s son Pakho Chau also appeared quite with Grandpa et al Chen Huiling, Chen Huiling declared "genuine indirect Mrs. Zhou" status, netizens also for Chen Huiling behind the change beautiful and happy, shouted "beautiful" and "real one family", "feel you are the hostess". Entertainment mogul and mistress Li Yan to help Li Yapeng dress dinner相关的主题文章: