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Marketing During the early days of Internet marketing, you didn’t really need to do much except build a simple site around some basic keywords, and then it would usually be listed right away. But as more and more people came on and search engines evolved, so did Internet marketing, making it nearly impossible to quickly get targeted leads to your site without expensive pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. But now there’s a new way. Up until now, if you wanted to try to crack the first page of Google, you had to be prepared to spend a lot of time, energy and money on search engine optimization (SEO), linking, blogging, fresh content and a lot more, said Keith Baxter, CEO of, a Cost-Per-Action for anyone who wants highly qualified leads delivered right to their website. But now there’s a proven system you can use to get extremely high quality leads without shelling out big bucks for PPC. Baxter is the founder of one of the most respected traffic and SEO how-to mastermind groups still active on the Internet today and has created an overview of the history of getting traffic to websites in a new report called, The Finger Report. He discusses how up until now, Internet marketers have needed to learn complex linking and SEO techniques and strategies, article writing and marketing plus new PPC strategies and other tactics just to compete and attract leads to their websites. The Finger Report also points the finger at specific problems that Internet marketers face today along. And it presents help for them with a powerful solution. The good news is in. There’s a better way now than just using PPC like Adwords and SEO to drive people to websites, explained Baxter. CPA Networks and the Little Guy’ Problem What Internet marketers can use now instead of PPC is Cost-Per-Action Network, also known as a CPA Network, and pay only for targeted leads that fulfill the action they want; for example: – A visitor makes a purchase – A visitor completes a form on your website – A visitor opts into your list. The system is great but had a major flaw up until now: CPA networks only wanted to work with large businesses to make the most money for their networks. The Little Guy’ was out of luck. Solution & Free Report However, now a new solution is available called, the new less expensive source for leads with a new CPA Network. Founded to help businesses of all sizes with own lead generation and avoiding high PPC costs, has well over 3,400 affiliates, and more coming un board daily, to help bring qualified leads to the Little Guy. Proven tests with have already resulted in lead generation of more than 5, 200 leads in record time for a niche product. I’ve never racked up that many leads in that time period with PPC advertising or SEO tactics, said Baxter. Baxter is directly responsible for the successes of three of the hottest search engine management programs on the market; Ranking Power, Niche Monster, and Traffic Monkey. Creator and seller of software and info products, he is also a regular "Top Affiliate" for many programs offered through Linkshare and Commission Junction. And his evolutionary video membership site called has grown in popularity at light speed. For more information about PPC, lead generation and a new source for leads, download, The Finger Report, at: . For more information the CPA Network for the Little Guy, contact at 526 Kingwood Drive, Suite 165, Kingwood, Texas 77339. Visit them online at: . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: