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Health The 2009 Flu Season has arrived with a lot of questions about how best to deal with the H1N1 or Swine Flu Virus. Here are accurate and up to the minute answers to 10 questions that will help you make the best decisions for you and your family. 1. Does the Shot cover the H1N1 Virus? No it does not. There is a vaccine for the swine flu in production as this is being written, but it is not available to the general public as yet. Initially, the swine flu vaccines will go to military personnel, emergency medical personnel as well as health departments, and health care officials. Most pharmacies are estimating that the earliest it would be.e available to the general public is November of 2009. 2. Should you take the swine flu vaccine if you have already taken the regular flu shot or mist? Yes both vaccines are re.mended. You can choose to take them both on the same day at the same time. Or you need to wait several weeks if you have to take them separately. 3. Does a physician’s office have to give the shot to small children? No, there are pharmacies within drug stores who will vaccinate children as young as 2 years of age. Expect guideline for local pharmacies to differ, so call before you go to make sure that can do what you need. 4. Is the flu shot better than the flu mist? Yes, health care professionals agree that both are good for the duration of one flu season. Given that the worse months for flu are December, January and February both should provide protection through those months. However, if the flu season extends later than usual into March and April, it is thought that those who have received the Flu Mist will have greater coverage. In other words the flu shot tends to show a diminished capacity after 4 months, and the flu mist tends to last 5 to 6 months. 5. What is the difference between the shot and the mist? The injection does contain viruses but they are dead. The mist is given by spraying the vaccine up each nostril, and contains live but weakened viruses. 6. Who should avoid the mist? People older than 50, those who have asthma or who use an inhaler for wheezing are not good candidates for the mist. 7. How long does it take for the vaccine to be.e effective? It takes several weeks for the body to react by making antibodies which then help protect it from getting the flu at all or at least lessen the seriousness of the case. 8. Will I get a case of the flu after being vaccinated? The answer is no for the both injection and the mist. Even though the mist contains live viruses, they are not potent enough to cause a case of the flu. 9. When is the best time to be vaccinated? As soon as the vaccine is available is the best time to receive it. Because it takes several weeks for the vaccine to offer protection, the sooner you receive the shot the sooner you’re covered. Getting it early means you avoid having supplies run low and having to wait until more is available. 10. Where can I get the most up to date information on the flu? Your physician and local media are good resources. Also, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides up to the minute information with a website and an 800 number. About the Author: By: Thurman Kauffman – Excessive scalp hair thinning can be a extreme challenge to a woman’s self impression and her standing in enterprise and modern society. Though we generally imagine balding like a man’s problem, women truly make up forty per cent of the people in North The us suffering from the distress of excessi … By: Thurman Kauffman – Extreme scalp hair thinning is really a intense obstacle to your woman’s self impression and her standing in enterprise and society. 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