For the 5 year return to Mengniu Gensheng

For 5 years to return to Mengniu Gensheng strategizing to know, make a reverse – this sentence in the proverbs Gensheng life, he spent 5 years to complete the interpretation of it. In September 15th, Mengniu Mengniu’s announcement that 4 year old Sun Yiping has resigned as executive director, President, President Lu Minfang as new president of Mengniu ashley. What’s more striking is that Niu Gensheng, a veteran marshal who disappeared in the field of vision for many years, appears again in the list of members of the new strategy committee of Mengniu Dairy industry. This means that, from the 5 year to Mengniu Gensheng control plan, only the last step. Time back to the afternoon of June 3, 2011, just announced at the press conference after the Mengniu Group resigned from the post of chairman of the board of Niu Gensheng, in the security of asylum, through a group of reporters in the rush on like a swarm of hornets, went straight into the building next to the car already prepared. At the moment of closing the door, Niu Gensheng’s expression relaxed at last. He seemed to be relieved of all unwilling and unwilling. The building of Mengniu was fading away. He never came back. 12 years ago, Niu Gensheng broke away from 16 years of Erie, starting from scratch and creating a Mengniu. In only 8 years, he led Mengniu to surpass the old family, and was the first in the industry, and became the first dairy company in China with 20 billion revenue. But what Niu Gensheng didn’t think of was that the stormy storm came and the buildings leaning overnight. Mengniu in distress, Niu Gensheng withdraw cash in 2008, the outbreak of the "melamine" event, Niu Gensheng became a target for all the public opinion and mengniu. In addition to the performance of the huge loss of 948 million 600 thousand yuan, Mengniu and Niu Gensheng 10 years to build the "public" positive image also collapsed. Disappointing is more indignant than long despair. Lose all trust Mr standing in the center of the storm, powerless. At that moment, he deeply realized that to save the Mengniu, the "old Mengniu system", headed by himself, must be retreated. Subsequently, Niu Gensheng tears in the Manifesto, gathering a huge bailout funds for Mengniu, and finally it is hard to catch the state-owned COFCO, the ship will be saved, Mengniu broken capital chain, the dairy Empire personally set back from the brink. At this point, Niu Sheng finished his final mission in the Mengniu. Everything was so natural, and COFCO became the big shareholder of the Mengniu and entered the board of directors. A large number of "old Mengniu" by veteran led Gensheng departure, management to complete a big shake, Sun Yiping host, "Mengniu" officially took over. As expected from the cow root, the COFCO joint Magnolia fund bought 20.03% of the stock of the Mengniu listed company for HK $6 billion 100 million, and became the owner of the Mengniu. Niu Gensheng controlled the old cow fund all withdrew, and the successful cash register was HK $955 million. The disappearance of 5 years, he has never disappeared Gensheng has already been planned, he will leave after Mengniu, spent several years doing two things. Is the heart of a fund for the development of public welfare projects, to re stack collapse a positive image of the brick; two is low-key to enter the dairy industry, upstream suppliers, and continue to maintain a strong association of mengniu. To do public welfare is the "business model" of the entrepreneur’s hidden rules, but Niu Gensheng has done very hard. Early in the beginning of the Mengniu market, Niu Gensheng had put a lot of shares into the old cow foundation that he had set up. Niu Gensheng always believe a word: people loose money together, financial scattered people together, the foundation also did some practical things. He spent 3 billion 400 million yuan to complete the "project" vegetation ecological restoration demonstration area of international Inner Mongolia Shengle plan in degraded land, nearly forty thousand acres, with 30 years to rebuild a healthy and stable ecological system. And in the international ecological demonstration area adjacent samrock, invested 200 million yuan to build a from kindergarten to high school twelve year experimental school. In addition, the fund in recent years has donated more than 10 mega projects, such as: donated 6 million 330 thousand yuan to set up the Bethune scholarship at the University of Toronto in Canada; the protection of donated 3 million yuan for the western Sichuan nature reserve fund donated 3 million yuan for biodiversity; Beijing Normal University; Mount Lu of Ya’an earthquake donations 10 million yuan, Tongliao earthquake donated 1 million yuan to support local post disaster reconstruction. Through the achievements of the public welfare in recent years, people have gradually weakened the negative effects of melamine on Niu Gensheng. On the other hand, the old cow foundation, in addition to the public vision, is incubating a potential listed company. In fact, in the left before Mengniu Niu Gensheng wanted by Stella foundation to operate a listed company, but the melamine and OMP event eventually did not let him do so. Subsequently, the grain into the Bureau, Niu Gensheng dumped the burden of the situation, just can get out to complete his original wish. The listed company is Mengniu modern animal husbandry Co., Ltd., for short – modern animal husbandry. Modern animal husbandry was founded in September 2005, before the major shareholder has been senior management of Mengniu Group, in addition to the company’s legal representative for Mengniu legal representative, vice chairman Deng Jiuqiang, chief financial officer Sun Yugang, vice president of operations Chen Hongbo, Zhang Haiying and other 13 high pipe from mengniu. And Niu Gensheng’s control of the old cow fund is a big shareholder in the modern animal husbandry. In addition to the modern animal husbandry, another company named "Mongolian grass and drought resistance" is also very active, just landing on the gem, it has risen 91.1%. The most important thing is that the company also flashes a number of former Mengniu executives. Two shareholders Sun Xianhong mengniu dairy business veteran, who served 10 years in senior positions of Mengniu, vice president of Mengniu Group, Mengniu Group still holds 0.22% of the shares; the incumbent directors, Mongolian grass drought deputy general manager and chief financial officer Zhao Yan, had also served as finance director of Mengniu Dairy for 7 years; in addition, Mongolian grass drought the board of directors, Mitian Dong Lei, he is the Minister of securities, Mengniu Dairy Cow foundation assistant secretary general and spokesman. The layout of the "Lao Niu" is clear at a glance. The Niu Gensheng foundation cow quietly appeared in dairy suppliers role, other veterans were active in Mengniu around, always maintained a strong relationship with Mengniu, which are for the day after Niu Gensheng’s return to Mengniu and lay a solid foundation. The time is ripe, return to Mengniu Mengniu released in early September 2016, the operating results of the first half, the company net profit fell 19.5%, only 1 billion 77 million yuan. Although it is still a stable second of China’s dairy industry, Mengniu is the only enterprise in China’s four biggest dairy giant, which has slipped and slipped close to 20%. Since the entry of COFCO and the nationalization of the Mengniu, the performance continued to decline. He when he was in, although there are still gaps and Yili, but the performance data can always go bite. After the successor of Sun Yiping, a professional manager, Mengniu began to open the gap by Illi. In the 4 years of the Mengniu, Sun Yiping forcibly created the "coke system", which led to the collapse of the Mengniu. The sun took first years, there will be 20 sales regions, people all shake is responsible for the 10 production regions, followed by airborne cola, foreign companies that set the organization structure and management mode is mechanically over, although the momentum of Mengniu Group before but less flexible. On the other hand, Sun Yiping was in charge of the Mengniu, and some old Mengniu people left. However, Mengniu’s core distributors and the old Mongolia people are "brachial strands", leaving the core dealers lose confidence in Mengniu’s products. Sun Yiping deadline is approaching, change is imminent. Sure enough, just across the upper half, Mengniu will make a decision, the original airborne Ashley President Lu Minfang, as the new president of Mengniu dairy. Niu Gensheng knows that his time has come out. Sun Yiping has made a number of classes, and Lu Minfang is just a transitional person for a Mongolian successor. Half year report shows that Mengniu’s losses due in large part to Ashley drag, but in this case, the president announced a high-profile Ashley took over as president of Mengniu Dairy, do not have a mean. Now the biggest problem is the shortage of Mengniu, Mengniu new and old ones cannot fusion, mediocre performance, morale and lax. What they need most is Niu Gensheng, a sea god. Even after years of disappearance, Niu Gensheng kept his influence on the hearts of the Mengniu and the whole Chinese dairy. Niu Gensheng’s return, on the one hand, repaired the damaged channel of Mengniu well, and on the other hand, as the link between old and new Mengniu, Niu Gensheng is the key to coordinate them. In the node, the crisis and opportunities of the cow will return to Mengniu, this is his final return to Mengniu is just a step away. Although this is just as business consultant Gensheng Mengniu comeback, but he is very clear, step back for a long time, also need to last a bit longer to mengniu. Liu Chuanzhi returned to Lenovo in the same year as an enterprise strategic advisor. And this time, he didn’t want to be forced to face the same situation as Liu Chuanzhi, and Niu Gensheng wanted to control his fate in his own hands. In business, entrepreneurs do not like Mr suffered in a recent one is just overhead leaving Wang Shi. He and Niu Gensheng leave when facing the same dilemma, deserted, perhaps Niu Gensheng’s experience can let Wang Shi make a reverse, regain their own. The old cow once said that it is a passion to do nothing from scratch, and the heart is even more calm from there to nothing. When he walked into the Mengniu building again, he still had no hesitation. Pay attention to the new venture WeChat dychuangye, take part in the latest entrepreneurial salon, and understand Henan’s latest entrepreneurship policy bonus.

为重掌蒙牛 牛根生运筹帷幄5年要想知道,打个颠倒——这句牛根生毕生信奉的箴言,他用了5年时间,完成了对它的诠释。9月15日,蒙牛发布公告称,执掌蒙牛4年之久的孙伊萍已辞任公司执行董事、总裁,雅士利总裁卢敏放成蒙牛新总裁。而更引人注目的是,消失在人们视野中多年的老蒙牛“元帅”牛根生,再次出现在蒙牛乳业新策略委员成员的名单中。这意味着,离牛根生运筹帷幄重掌蒙牛的5年计划,只差最后一步。时间调回到2011年6月3日的下午,刚在发布会上宣布完辞去蒙牛集团董事会主席一职的牛根生,在保安的庇护下,挤过蜂拥而上的记者群,埋头径直走入大厦旁早已备好的车内。在关上车门的那一刻,牛根生的表情终于舒缓了下来,似乎释怀了所有的不甘与不舍,蒙牛的大楼渐行渐远,他始终没有回一下头。12年前,牛根生脱离了效力16年的伊利,白手起家,创立蒙牛。仅用8年时间,他就带领蒙牛就超越了老东家,做到行业第一,并成为国内第一个营收过200亿的乳业公司。然而令牛根生没有想到的是,狂风暴雨来袭,楼宇一夜俱倾。蒙牛遇险,牛根生套现抽身2008年,全国集中爆发“三聚氰胺”事件,牛根生和蒙牛成为了舆论的众矢之的。除了当年业绩巨亏9.486亿元外,牛根生和蒙牛10年来建立的“公益”正面形象也一并轰塌。令人失望比早已绝望更加让人愤慨。失去所有信任的牛根生站在暴风中心,无力回天。那一刻起,他深刻地认识到,要想拯救蒙牛,以自己为首的“老蒙牛系”必须隐退。随后,牛根生泪洒“万言书”,为蒙牛集聚了巨额救助资金,最后更是力拉中粮,搭上了国企这艘大船,挽救了蒙牛即将断裂的资金链,将自己亲手建立的乳业帝国从死亡边缘拉了回来。至此,牛根生完成了他在蒙牛最后的使命。一切都是那么顺其自然,中粮成为蒙牛大股东,入驻董事会。以牛根生为首的一大批“老蒙牛系”元老相继离职,管理层完成大换血,孙伊萍上位,“新蒙牛系”正式接管。跟牛根生预想的一样,中粮联合厚朴基金以61亿港元收购蒙牛上市公司20.03%的股权,入主蒙牛。牛根生控制的老牛基金全部退出,成功套现9.55亿港元。消失的5年,他从未消失牛根生早已计划好,离开蒙牛后,他要花了几年时间做两件事。一是用心发展基金公益项目,把倾塌的正面形象一砖一瓦的重新堆砌;二是低调进军乳业上游供应商,与蒙牛继续保持强关联。做公益本是企业家潜规则的“商业模式”,但牛根生却做的格外用心。早在蒙牛上市之初,牛根生就曾拿出大量股份投入自己成立的老牛基金会。牛根生始终相信一句话:财聚人散,财散人聚,老牛基金会也的确做了一些实际的事情。牛根生花34亿元重金完成“内蒙古盛乐国际生态示范区植被恢复项目”,计划在近四万亩的退化土地上,用30年的时间来重建一个健康、稳定的生态系统。并在盛乐国际生态示范区旁,投资2亿多元建造了一所从幼儿园到高中的十二年制实验学校。除此之外,老牛基金会在这几年还捐赠了十多项百万量级的项目,如:捐赠633万元在加拿大多伦多大学设立白求恩奖学金;捐赠300万元用于四川西部自然保护基金会的生物多样性保护;为北京师范大学捐赠300万元;雅安庐山地震捐赠1000万元,通辽地震捐赠100万元,以支持当地灾后重建。通过这几年公益事业的成就,人们逐渐淡去了三聚氰胺事件对牛根生的负面影响。另一方面,老牛基金会除了一直出现在公益视野当中外,也在孵化一个极有潜力的上市公司。实际上,在离开蒙牛之前,牛根生本就想通过老牛基金会来运作一家上市公司,但三聚氰胺和OMP事件最终没有让他遂愿。随后中粮入局,牛根生顺势甩掉包袱,正好可以抽身来完成自己当初的心愿。这家上市公司就是蒙牛现代牧业有限公司,简称——现代牧业。现代牧业成立于2005年9月,之前主要股东一直是蒙牛集团中高层管理人员,除了公司法人代表为蒙牛乳业法人代表、副董事长邓九强外,财务总监孙玉刚,营运副总经理陈红波、张海鹰等13名高管均来自蒙牛。而牛根生控制的老牛基金正是现代牧业的大股东。除了现代牧业,另一家名为“蒙草抗旱”的公司也极为活跃,刚登陆创业板,便暴涨91.1%。最引人关注的是,这家企业中同样闪现着众多前蒙牛高管的身影。二股东孙先红为蒙牛乳业创业元老,曾在蒙牛任职10年,历任蒙牛集团副总裁等要职,至今仍持有蒙牛集团0.22%的股份;现任蒙草抗旱董事、副总经理兼财务负责人赵燕,此前也任蒙牛乳业财务主任长达7年;此外,蒙草抗旱董事、董秘田磊,则历任蒙牛乳业证券部部长、老牛基金会秘书长助理和新闻发言人。“老牛系”布局一目了然。牛根生通过老牛基金会低调地以乳业上游供应商的角色出现,其他元老则分别活跃在蒙牛周围,时刻保持着与蒙牛的强联系,这都为日后牛根生重回蒙牛打下了坚实的基础。时机成熟,重回蒙牛2016年9月初,蒙牛发布上半年经营业绩,公司净利润下滑19.5%,仅为10.77亿元。尽管仍稳居中国乳业的第二把交椅,但蒙牛却是中国四大乳业巨头中唯一业绩下滑且下滑幅度接近两成的企业!自从中粮入驻,蒙牛国有化以后,业绩持续萎靡。牛根生在任之时,虽和伊利仍有差距,但业绩数据上始终能咬住不放。而自职业经理人出身的孙伊萍接任后,蒙牛开始被伊利拉开差距。究其原因,孙伊萍在蒙牛的4年,强行打造“可乐系”,导致了蒙牛的一蹶不振。孙上任的第1年,就将20个销售大区,10个生产大区的负责人全部换血,空降可乐系,随之而来的是外企那套组织架构和管理模式被生搬硬套了过来,蒙牛团队虽有了气势但少了之前的灵活机动。另一方面,孙伊萍掌管蒙牛,一些老蒙牛人陆续离开。而蒙牛的核心渠道商经销商恰恰和这些老蒙牛人是互为“肱股”关系,老蒙牛人的离开让这些核心经销商对于蒙牛的产品失去了信心。孙伊萍大限将至,换帅迫在眉睫。果然,仅隔半月,蒙牛上层就做出决策,空降原雅士利总裁卢敏放,担任蒙牛乳业新总裁。牛根生深知,自己出山的时机已经到来。孙伊萍下课已成定数,而卢敏放只是一个蒙牛接班人过渡性的人选。半年报告显示,蒙牛的亏损很大一部分原因是由于雅士利的拖累,而在这种情况下,高调宣布原雅士利总裁接任蒙牛乳业总裁,别有一番意味。现在蒙牛最大的问题是青黄不接,新老蒙牛势力无法融合,业绩平庸,军心涣散。他们最需要的,就是牛根生这根定海神针。就算消失多年,牛根生依然保持着他在蒙牛人心中乃至整个中国乳业的影响力。牛根生的回归,一方面,很好的修补了之前损坏的蒙牛渠道裂缝;另一方面,作为新老蒙牛系之间的纽带,牛根生是协调好他们的最关键钥匙。在这个危机与机遇并存的节点,老牛众望所归,回归蒙牛,这离他最后重掌蒙牛仅一步之遥。虽然此次牛根生只是作为蒙牛的企业顾问复出,但他很清楚,自己退居二线已久,重掌蒙牛还需要最后一点时间。当年柳传志重回联想同样是从企业战略顾问入手。而这一次,他不想面临与柳传志一样的形势所迫,牛根生想把命运掌控在自己手中。纵观商界,牛根生般遭遇的企业家不在少数,最近一个则是刚被架空出走的王石。他面临与牛根生离职时一样的窘境,众叛亲离,或许牛根生的经历能让王石也打个颠倒,重新找回自己。老牛曾经说过,从无到有,是件激情的事;而从有到无再到有,心中反而更加平静。他再次走进蒙牛大厦时,依然没有一丝迟疑。关注大豫创业微信dychuangye,参加最新创业沙龙活动,了解河南最新创业政策红利。相关的主题文章: