Former Tottenham coach Boas signed on the afternoon of the opening of the 4 Hong Kong conference off-coscoqd

Tottenham coach Boas before signing on the afternoon of 4 Hong Kong open conference officer Xuan – Sohu (Sohu sports sports Pei Li) although Erickson led the League before the League three, AFC Champions League group, to enter the top eight, but in the end he and Hong Kong still inevitably broke up. Exclusive news Sohu sports reporter today acquired Tottenham, the former coach Boas has been working in Hong Kong the Portuguese club contract with Shanghai agreement, Boas next season in Hong Kong has become a foregone conclusion, on the afternoon of November 4th, Hong Kong Club will be held a press conference on foreign propaganda officer. After Erickson and Hong Kong signed a 2+1 contract, although his team to AFC Champions League after the club concerned said that Erickson led the result has triggered renewal terms, the two sides have automatic renewal for a year, but in 0 5 lost to the north of modern, a Erickson class news has not been broken too. Super League at the end of the round, after the Hong Kong home court victory over the Chinese happy, Erickson also expressed hope that the intention to stay in Shanghai continue to charge, but the port did not stand, the Hong Kong Group Mister Chen Xuyuan in an interview just said that the club next season preparations ahead of three League has started, the objective of the club is to Shanghai as soon as possible the fans brought a champion. Earlier there was news that the Hong Kong contact Hengda coach Scolari, and Cui Kangxi also had to go to Shanghai, and direct interviews with the upper reaches of Hong kong. And Scolari because of the increase in the national team, and finally get Hengda contract renewal. Cui Kangxi and South Korea because too many fetters, and ultimately the two sides did not talk about. There are unconfirmed news that the Hong Kong League last round of rebound, also completed the top three scores, the club was also considered the contract with Erickson, but the communication process is not particularly successful, Erickson said the demand for a pay rise, while the club also has a higher index of achievement the two sides did not tanlong. In this process, Boas began to emerge, it is understood that after the two sides in Hong Kong AFC Champions League fiasco has started to contact the evening of November 1st, Boas in Shanghai’s people’s Square around, with some friends, and published on the Internet, the news began to be sure. Sohu today won the sports news, the two sides reach an agreement, Boas to replace Erickson in Hong Kong next season is almost a foregone conclusion. (Sohu sports exclusive articles, prohibited Reprint)相关的主题文章: