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Fournais volcano, standing in between heaven and hell [eleven] – special tourism Sohu to French Reunion Island tourism, usually at the volcano on the island, or close watch, or climbing on foot, because fournais, is the world’s most accessible one of the volcano. Fournais volcano, located in the southeastern part of the island of reunion, reunion as nature in a masterpiece, it has become the most natural landscape on the island, most with geological characteristics of basalt volcano area. Fournais volcano calm, like a paradise, everything is beautiful and picturesque; once it is active eruption, red hot magma went straight down along the hillside, wherever the moment is desolate, and like purgatory. The reunion is actually made up of two volcano eruption of the island, a is on the peak, it is about three million years ago, a collision in India ocean, the deep in the underwater world of the volcano large-scale eruption. A large number of volcanic magma accumulated from the sea floor, forming a sea island. In the hundreds of thousands, the volcano continues to erupt magma, continue to accumulate, until now people can see the area of about 2500 square kilometers of ocean island, and it is at an elevation of 3071 meters the highest peak – peak days. However, it seems to have exhausted all the power, into a dead volcano". Another volcano, is the continued eruption of fournais volcano, which is 2631 meters above sea level. The former navigators describe Reunion Island, is a "glowing" island, it refers to the fournais volcano eruption. The volcano activity has about five hundred thousand years of history, but also far did not stop the eruption of the phenomenon. It is said that in 2007 a volcano eruption, lasted nearly a month, the red magma, illuminates the southern sky, spectacular. Go to the fournais volcano, there is no public transportation, all by car or bike to enter. Fortunately, the Reunion Island car is very convenient, out of the airport, can see the rental shops everywhere. But the car with China reunion, as the driver’s position on the left, the habit of vehicles is the same, on the right. In fournais volcano, first go through a similar Grand Canyon in Gobi in Africa, called the "Sabl plain". Plain should be used when the volcano erupts from the volcano ash piled mountain valley, rock and bare sand dunes are yellowish brown, a simple dirt road from across the plain, this is the only access to the volcano, the volcano is a hundred-percent road". "Sabl plain" is like the surface of the moon, desolation everywhere, volcano landform, also from here opened its mysterious veil. More than and 20 minutes walk on rough dirt road, you can go to the Beller hole parking lot. It is about 2354 meters above sea level. In a corner of the parking lot, in the face of fournais volcano, built a large viewing platform, and the piton de la fournaise volcano face to face, the distance between them, through a broken volcano. This is a length of 8 kilometers of the volcano magma pouring, fournais peak, will stand in this piece as Pang Ranshi as the front of mountain. From the Beller hole parking lot to the volcanic rock, but visitors need 2相关的主题文章: