Fukushima, Japan will restart the level of fishing radiation is lower than the national standard doat

Fukushima will restart flounder fishing radiation level is lower than the national standard – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture Fisheries Association (Fukushima Fisheries Association) held the meeting in the city county line 29, decided at the Fukushima nuclear accident consciously limit the county area the additional test for capture halibut fishing objects. Try to catch fish and sea were screened, and additional flatfish is called "Tokiwa specialty, high popularity. The fastest fishing will restart in September 1st. Reported that the day of the meeting, participants have said, very looking forward to restore the flounder fishing, the meeting agreed to add. Nozaki Tetsu, chairman of the Federation of fisheries, said after the meeting, after the resumption of fishing to look forward to a big step forward to the Fukushima fisheries". Reported that the Fukushima sea halibut meat tight, taste delicious, in Tokyo Tsukiji market with high turnover. In 2010 before the acquisition of nuclear accidents in the year of 771 tons, worth about $750 million (about 48 million 900 thousand yuan), the highest in the county’s fishing of aquatic products in the country. Japan’s central government in June 2012 to indicate that the waters of Fukushima Prefecture limit shipments. The county in March 2014 to 1078 after the inspection of the flounder found that radiation levels are lower than the national standard (Becquerel per kilogram of 100), in June this year, the lifting of the restrictions were lifted.相关的主题文章: