Gansu, Gannan was a storm debris flow direct economic losses of nearly billion k-boxing

Gansu Gannan was the direct economic loss of debris flow of nearly billion in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Lanzhou in August 25, (Du Ping) Gansu Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission disclosure 25, short-term heavy rainfall occurs in some counties of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in August 22nd at about 18:30, and accompanied by hail triggered lightning, flash flood debris flow. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, the disaster caused a direct economic loss of 97 million 419 thousand and 500 yuan. It is understood that, as at 23, 23, 16 townships in Gannan cooperation, the disaster caused a total of 3 Xiahe, Luqu County, chin, hard wood when Zhou g (street) 13 communities, 32 village 1733 7575 people were affected, tolls 108 people, 234 houses collapsed and severely damaged 1890 houses, 1723 people evacuated, 1326 people need emergency life rescue. Crops affected area of 692.5 hectares of crops, crop disaster area 692.5 hectares, 244.5 hectares of crops. The death tolls of 159 cattle, 304 sheep. Soak the washed out 15 vehicles. Second days after the flash flood disaster, more serious in the affected city cooperation, both sides of the road and a number of farmers home filled with mud, room appliances and other items were soaked in the flood. Farmers home on the walls of the flood flow traces visible. Xiahe Labrang in this storm disaster, under the continued Institute of posterior wall, stone Bianma debate by Taiwan dajingtang, lower square and parking lot covered by silt, pull and road pavement, Temple Road on both sides of the mountains to the wall by a severe collapse of Labuleng temple, several floodway and flood embankment by sediment stack, sengshe walls collapsed about 150 households, about 400 households sengshe water. In addition, the daxiahe river embankments, Xiahe County County channel levee and sand ridge was destroyed, the water cut of safe drinking water projects in the drainage pool, reservoir, pipeline was destroyed, above water conservancy project investment losses of more than 13 million yuan. Pole collapsed 38, line damaged 8 km, 35kV substation outage of the 1, resulting in a power outage of 20923 users. The national and provincial trunk water 1500 cubic meters, Water Village Road 21, 9 bridges, 16 culvert. The disaster also caused Xiahe County of rainwater and sewage, water supply, heating pipe network and 4 farmhouse damaged. Currently, the relief work is being carried out in an orderly manner, the details of the disaster is further verification. (end)相关的主题文章: