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Ge You ", head of hair; " " " play off piece; self mockery or head significantly younger – the media – original title: Ge You: Ge You: big head or youthful scene with dolphin interaction. A small figure: "hair" Ge uncle. "One step" after the piece children for two years, Ge You finally came back to ge uncle Zaiyan comedy. Yesterday, the comedy movie "broken piece" starring Ge You, Yue Yunpeng, Du Chun, Chen He debut in Zhuhai, the exposure of Ge You in the film "a hair style". Ge You said: "no good hair, bald young!" According to reports, Ge You specialized in dolphin food in the film "broken fishmonger uncle teeth" in the film, Yue Yunpeng plays Du Chun as a dolphin trainer, marine museum security rule, each character has a "strange". Three people in the film because of a drink piece children started life in a wonderful adventure ", triggered a series of absurd comedy" wonders". Yesterday’s media conference failed to start the scheduled time, back to the early waiting Ge uncle came to the seat of the media but also the roar of a voice, say sorry everyone, today’s event failed to start on time. At first we thought it was the crew, listen to the sounds so familiar, look back to see even a Ge uncle. Ge uncle found everyone back to shoot him, and quickly evacuated. For him with Yue Yunpeng, Du Chun three "starring" this thing, Ge You also gives a unique explanation: "this is such a thing, we show the structure although on the surface is our three so-called starring, I look like Du Chun, small Yue Yue, it is a this string, the string is full of fruits, elite, it stages. For example, he came today, this evening’s play is starring Chen, the three of us is a supporting role. Xiao Shenyang came, he played a captain, he was the protagonist of the play, the three of us is actually a supporting role." The scene is the most surprising, just released Ge You in the play of the shape. Head after many years, Ge uncle in "off" in the area and a long hair, pretty messy. Ge You touched his head, laughing ridicule film in a hair styling, or no hair, bald young!" Ge uncle don’t like flying is the industry well-known piece, has been dubbed "the flying star people cry". Yesterday he poker-faced explained once, "can not say do not fly, I am more cunning, say I love train." It is understood that the Ge uncle came to Zhuhai filming, sitting high iron nine hours. (correspondent Yang Lianjie) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: