German bank deutsche bank risk or lead to layoffs of ten thousand people in the European banking cri-ratatouille

German bank deutsche bank risk or lead to layoffs of ten thousand people in the European banking crisis Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Correspondent Zhang Han in New York when the giant Deutsche Bank in crisis is deeper, the largest market panic from European banks will in 2010 after the full system crisis, and a series of recent evidence suggests the possibility of increasing. Beijing time on the evening of September 29th, the German commercial banks (hereinafter referred to as Commerzbank) that will cut nearly 10 thousand jobs. In other words, the size of the second largest commercial banks in Germany layoffs up to 1/5. "Sustained ultra-low interest rates, deteriorating business environment is a problem facing the entire European banking industry." U.S. Asset Management Co Nuveen Asset Management senior investment manager Bob Doll on twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. As Germany’s second largest bank, Commerzbank’s total assets of 532 billion 600 million euros, about 14 the size of the Deutsche bank. German banks have always been a leading asset – and – profit – based Europe, so the crisis in two German banks is just one of the latest cases in Europe’s banking sector this year. Recently, a number of large banks, including UBS, have seen a slide in profits, while a number of banks in Italy earlier this month exposed its huge non-performing loans. In the assessment of the stability of the financial system in the middle of this year released, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be listed as the Deutsche Bank on the global systemic risk contribution of financial institutions is the highest, and that the German banking system impact global risk spillover is likely a greater risk than the German domestic. "The European banking crisis could turn into a financial crisis. As soon as one of the big banks collapsed, the crisis would burst. Credit flows will be frozen immediately. In an economy that relies on credit, credit is the lifeblood of such an event is tantamount to a financial crisis." Columnist Izebella Kaminska wrote in the financial times on Thursday. Bank crisis Domino? On Thursday evening announcement, the first half of this year due to bank profits only 615 million euros, down 44% over the same period last year 1 billion 89 million euros. After the German bank has been sought by the negative interest rate on to companies and savers way to boost revenues, but there is no significant effect. After 6 consecutive years of decline in profits, the German commercial banks have chosen to shrink this extreme means of business. In recent years due to bank shares with Deutsche Bank down, but compared to the bank more than 55% of the decline, German bank shares fell only less than 35%. The cost of restructuring is expected to reach 1 billion 100 million euros ($1 billion 200 million). Stir the European banking sector is still under the eye of the storm giants. Since last year, the bank is in trouble. Because of the prospect of capital strength相关的主题文章: