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Home-Based-Business As recession job losses continue to mount, more and more people are looking for alternative and unique ways to earn a living. Most are turning to the internet and this includes recently displaced artists and photographers. Or perhaps you are a recently displaced butcher, baker, or candlestick maker who just also happens to have some pretty nifty untapped artistic talent. The internet may just be a solution for you as well. Thousands of people are already getting paid online for submitting their artwork over the Internet. It’s really a sign of how many of the job markets are moving online so you don’t want to miss the boat. Getting paid to draw is an ideal way to get some in.e .ing in if you’re searching for freelance art work while establishing an artist job or career. There are online programs for artists and photographers that let you earn money placing your drawings and photos of your artwork online. Key benefits of these programs are: * Training videos to show you how to make a powerful in.e drawing and creating artwork * Learn how to submit artwork through websites and get paid for it * Learn how to draw cartoons and how to land high paying jobs for the illustration industry. * Great site support and customer service * Learn about royalties and residual payments Millions of people world-wide are talented artists and photographers. We’re not talking about Picasso and Ansel Adams here. Have you ever seen a photo, sketch, powerpoint, painting, or image online that just took your breath away? Chances are that image or drawing was created by someone just like you or me. Well, probably not me. For those that are able to create and conjure up such heart-stopping images, don’t you think you should get paid for it? There are many untapped corners of the industry for budding artists and photographers to explore. Custom logo design and stock photos are huge! There are programs out there that can unlock these markets, not only revealing revenue streams but giving some serious insight into how to market yourself and your images to others. So now you’re wondering how can you get paid to draw, paint and take pictures. Well, it isn’t difficult to start earning money from your art. However, if you’re looking at ebay or other auction sites, do your homework as many artists fight long hard battles to earn pennies on the dollar on those sites for what their art and images are really worth. There are many people earning over $2,500 per week with their art and photographs. If you want to start cashing in on your creative talent, visit us here: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: