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Global Times: the United States Senate to name Chinese square Sunzhao provocative original title: U.S. Senate to name Chinese Sunzhao square provocation according to Western media reports 13, 12 U. S. Senate unanimously Chinese Washington Embassy in front of the square was renamed Liu Xiao square wave". In June 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution of the same content. But reports said the White House spokesman said the president’s senior political adviser would advise President Obama to veto the proposal. The Senate proposal was launched by Republican presidential candidate Cruz, whose spokesman said the senator had traded with Democratic senators to stop Obama’s nomination of two ambassadors and passed the bill smoothly. Members of the United States are obviously trying to provoke china. They must think Chinese especially good face, this loss will make us very uncomfortable. In fact, the Chinese are really good at it. If the Americans really change the square and the road in front of the Chinese Embassy in the United States to a Chinese criminal, we’ll probably get angry too. However, this thing is not to go, but we are angry, but also to the United States one more perspective: it proved to be a great loophole in about the rules and maintain self-esteem problems, Congress fighting gas up to what are the national sunzhao. During the "Cultural Revolution" in China, the red guards in Beijing renamed the former route of the Soviet embassy as "anti road construction", and the government changed it back after the "Cultural Revolution". The United States is now a little bit of nothing to do with China, the military threat is not easy to do, economic sanctions dare not do, because unclear, who sanctions in the end, who sanctions. Now, the radicals in Washington seem to have nothing to do with the "disgusting" china. Objectively speaking, these things will help to hone the endurance of Chinese society, know that the rise of the country will encounter a lot of villains on the road, we will be faced with them do not seem to be wrong, and take them very boring and some embarrassing. One thing is certain, the United States Congress will do so, will not change the fact that Liu Xiaobo is endangering China’s national security and being convicted and sentenced by the judiciary. The rise of China is, in any case, a positive energy of Chinese history. It is resisted and obstructed by external forces such as the United states. No matter Liu was proud of being so hot in the west, what else did he feel? Objectively, he became a tool for the Western game to china. Can not emphasize, in praise of Liu Xiaobo of the United States Congress has long played in that country to suppress the China the loudest role, the United States Congress is the national interests of the guardian, a country in the world and the interests of the game is still the most prominent international relations, Sino US national interests game is particularly prominent in twenty-first Century. The Congress of the United States is such a platform for Liu, it should be said that it is more clear how the logical relationship between Liu’s work and the well-being of the Chinese people is. American congressmen and a handful of Chinese dissidents they support are tacit allies. They probably think the Chinese public is stupid and can’t figure out what kind of activities they’re performing. In fact, globalization and network continue to Chinese thoroughly tempered, their recognition than those who want to cheat 2

环球时报:美参院出给广场改名损招挑衅中国   原标题:美参院出给广场改名损招挑衅中国   据西方媒体13日报道,美国参议院12日“全票通过”将华盛顿中国驻美大使馆前面的广场改名为“刘晓波广场”。2014年6月,美众议院曾经通过内容相同的决议。但报道说,白宫发言人称总统的资深政治顾问将建议奥巴马总统否决这一提案。   美参院的此项提案是由共和党总统参选人克鲁兹发起的,他的发言人表示,这名参议员以停止反对奥巴马提名两位驻外大使的人选,与民主党参议员们做了交易,使该提案顺利通过。   美国的议员们明显是在挑衅,想把中国气着。他们一定认为中国人特别好面子,出此损招会让我们很难受。事实上中国人的确挺好面子,如果美国人真把中国驻美使馆门前的广场和道路都改为以中国的一个罪犯命名,我们猛一听大概也会生气。   然而这件事也大不到哪去,除了生气,我们还会对美国多一个认识视角:原来那是个在讲规矩和保持自尊问题上都有很大漏洞,国会斗起气来啥损招都出的国家。中国“文化大革命”的时候,北京的红卫兵曾经把苏联大使馆门前的路改名为“反修路”,“文革”后政府给改了回去。   美国现在有点拿中国没啥办法,军事威胁轻易不敢干,经济制裁更不敢搞,因为说不清到头来谁制裁谁。现在华盛顿的激进人士似乎只剩下搞“恶心”中国的小伎俩了。客观说,这些事将帮着磨练中国社会的承受力,知道大国崛起的路上会碰到很多小人,我们会面临不搭理他们好像不对劲,搭理他们又挺没意思的一些尴尬。   有一点可以肯定,美国国会这样做,不会改变刘晓波危害中国国家安全、受到司法定罪量刑的事实。中国崛起无论如何是中国历史的正能量,它在受到美国等外部力量的抵制和阻挠。无论刘为他受到西方这么汹涌的热捧感到骄傲还是有别的什么感受,客观上他都成了西方对华博弈的一个工具。   不能不强调一下,赞美刘晓波的美国国会长期以来都扮演了那个国家里打压中国最起劲的角色,该国会是美国国家利益的守护者,而当今世界的国家利益博弈仍是国际关系最突出的一面,中美国家利益博弈在21世纪尤为突出。美国国会如此为刘站台,应当说更清楚描绘了刘所做事情与中国人民的福祉究竟是什么样的逻辑关系。   美国议员以及他们支持的极少数中国异见人士构成了心照不宣的同盟,他们大概以为中国公众很傻,搞不清楚他们在表演什么样的勾当。其实全球化和网络化不断对中国人千锤百炼,他们的识别力比那些忽悠者所想的高多了。   看来中美博弈不总是很严肃的事情,恶搞和八卦也会穿插其间,如今华盛顿的议员老爷们有时亦很愤青,像一帮打群架的小毛孩子。跟美国玩,有时难免会深一脚浅一脚的。   中国需要不断变得更加自信。我们的市场化、信息化、网络化搞得都很不错,西方本来想通过这几化搞垮中国,没想到中国搞一个适应一个,反而每一次都如虎添翼。这使得我们与当年的苏联完全区分开来,中国是一个软硬不吃、拥有了弹性和活力的社会。   中国的发展像是给了美国小心眼的那部分精英很大精神压力,他们似乎有时变得失态。但这不是我们的过错,他们不守竞争的规矩,总想在一个不断变化的世界里享受“南霸天”既有的特权。他们自作自受,我们能怎么办? 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章: