Goldman said a time to increase again after a lapse of 9 months China raised the stock

Goldman Sachs said A holdings of shares in the stock market after a lapse of 9 months to raise the Chinese stock rating again lowered the investment rating of Chinese stocks after 9 months, Goldman Sachs began to sing more than A shares. The United States on September 13th, Goldman’s chief Asia equity strategist Timothy Moe said in an interview: "although the long-term structural concerns, and credit expansion and overcapacity still exists, but in the short term, we believe that China is a good and sustained upward transactions." Timothy Moe said that for investors, before the end of this year, China is a very good market. The reason is: "the logical foundation of our thinking is cyclical, the economy will start to strong in the fourth quarter, the reason is the recently announced policy easing. Corporate earnings will stabilize, the absolute value will not be much, but will begin to stabilize, valuations remain moderate." Goldman Sachs said that the current international fund companies to reduce the intensity of Chinese stocks, compared to the benchmark level in ten years, has been close to the strongest. At this time of opening, seems to act in a diametrically opposite way, while Goldman raised the stock rating for Chinese explanation seems to also have this meaning. In a report released in September 12th, the agency said that China’s stock market performance in recent months lagged behind the Asia Pacific market in addition to Japan, as well as other emerging markets. Not only that, compared to the valuation of the stock market and the global emerging markets, but also has a significant discount". For this reason, Goldman Sachs investment rating for Chinese stocks from neutral to overweight". MSCI China Index target price also increased from 60.5 to up to 70, equivalent to about a rise of about 9%. It should be noted that the MSCI China index does not include China’s A share market shares, but also includes the China B shares, Hongkong shares and the mainland listed companies in H shares. For specific investment strategies, Goldman Sachs suggested that investors looking for index weights, when tracking these indicators of capital flows into the market, these stocks will benefit. In these stocks, Goldman Sachs technology stocks and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) expressed optimism that the technology sector contributed most of the MSCI China Index rose during the year. In addition, Goldman Sachs also believes that the purchase of high-yield stocks in Hongkong can profit. Since the mainland and Hongkong banking stocks have emerged strong capital inflows, Goldman Sachs is more optimistic about the mainland public shares, Macao gambling stocks and real estate sector in Hongkong and the mainland. It is also seen as a good investment theme for Goldman Sachs, but Goldman Sachs believes that the operating strategy is not clear, because the approval and implementation of infrastructure projects in the mainland will often bring challenges. Goldman was given early on the growth of fixed assets investment sensitive stock list, including Chinese iron (00390.HK), Longyuan Power (00916.HK) and China Railway (01186.HK). Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: