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Google is experimenting with Chrome recommendations, and VB reports that Google is testing a feature for recommending articles directly on Chrome browsers. The recommended article will appear on the new tab of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS Chrome. Google spokesman confirmed the message, but no update was revealed. But it’s not clear how to call this new function. Myce found in the ChromiumCode Reviews problem report that there was a service called Morning Reads (Chen Du), and a function called ChromeReader. From the report card would be able to see the Google idea is this: first of all, I hope you will be able to Google the most visited website based on the recommended articles, and then set up on the basis of personalized: ChromeReader currently uses a set of parameters to the hard encoding query, return a group not personalized results. The results need to be updated to generate personalized results. Check advanced options can also adjust the ChromeReader to get better results. At least for MVP, we will provide a list of MostLikely MostVisited URL to ChromeReader. I don’t think there’s any room for personalization on this basis. The recommendation does not require user login. However, if the user logs in to Chrome, the recommendation can be more customizable. Recommendation function will provide the recommended articles fragments (title + words): MorningReadsService: Extraction – arrange the fragment called SnippetsService at the right time to get updates, fragments are presented to demonstrate the UI fragment of Google but now engineers are still considering how to determine the frequency of inspection of the new article. Their intervals were fixed at the beginning. Several improvements are considered as follows: 1) grab articles only at a specific time of day, such as 6 a.m. to 9; 2) grab frequency according to charging status; 3) combine other wake mechanism work; 4) push the article ahead of time when users open new label page. The discussion also refers to the functions of "preview view" and "preview carousel", as well as the collaboration mechanism of AMP which will be launched next week: for the AMP version, we need to prefetch articles to coexist. We also need to tell UI that this is a AMP version, so preview requires different versions. All in all, Google might want to put Google Now’s text.

Google正在实验在Chrome上进行文章推荐   据 VB报道,Google 正在测试一项直接在 Chrome 浏览器上进行文章推荐的功能。推荐的文章会出现在 Windows、Mac、Linux、Android 及 iOS 版 Chrome 的新标签页上,Google 发言人证实了此消息,但是并没有更新消息透露。   但是尚不清楚怎样才能调用这项新功能。Myce在 ChromiumCode Reviews 的问题报告中发现提到有一项名为 “Morning Reads(晨读)” 的服务,以及一项名为 “ChromeReader” 的功能。从那些问题报告的帖子大概能看出 Google 的想法是这样的―首先,Google 希望能够基于你访问最多的网站来推荐文章,然后在此基础上建立个性化:   ChromeReader 目前采用了硬编码的一组参数来进行查询,返回的是一组未个性化的结果。结果需要进行更新才能生成个性化结果。勾选高级选项还可以调整 ChromeReader 获得更好的结果。   至少对 MVP 而言,我们会提供 MostLikely MostVisited URL 列表给 ChromeReader。我觉得已经没有在此基础上进行个性化的空间了。   文章推荐并不需要用户登录。不过如果用户登录 Chrome 的话,推荐可以更加可定制化。推荐功能会提供所推荐文章的片段(标题 + 几句话):   MorningReadsService 可以:   ―安排文章片段的提取   ―在合适的时候调用 SnippetsService 获取 更新片段   ―把片段提交给展示的 UI   不过目前 Google 的工程师还在考虑如何确定新文章的检查频率。一开始时他们的检查间隔是固定的。目前考虑的几种改进包括:1)只在每天的特定时间抓取文章,如早上 6 点到 9 点;2)根据充电状态确定抓取频率;3)联合其他唤醒机制工作;4)提前在用户打开新标签页时推送文章等。   讨论中还提到了 “预览视图” 和 “preview carousel” 这类的功能,以及与下周即将推出的AMP 的协作机制:   对于 AMP 版的文章,我们需要预取文章并存下来。我们还需要告诉 UI 这是 AMP 版的文章,所以预览需要不同的版本。   综合来看,Google 可能是想把 Google Now 的文章推荐直接搬到浏览器上,如果是这样的话,新闻聚合网站有可能会受到威胁。不过现在说这些还为师尚早,因为在 Chromium 或 Chrome Canary 上面都还没看到这项功能出现。相关的主题文章: