Google’s VR daydream, sounded the clarion call of VR popularity ca1477

Google’s VR daydream, sounded the clarion call of the popularity of VR in this article comes from the love van Google ready VR platform will be launched in the next few weeks time Daydream. Google has recently been preparing to cooperate with other companies to complete the content, in order to have the contents of the Daydream platform as a support. Daydream, another Google Play store? At present, Google’s "wishful thinking" is through the application and promotion of Daydream platform game content. Google I O conference this year, Google has said that the Daydream platform will appear on their own Google series of products, including Street View, YouTube, Photos, Play and other services VR special edition. Sources also said that Google and YouTube have a lot of red network cooperation, to help them create 360° video, also with EA, Ubisoft and other game makers, NBA and other sports cooperation. In addition, Google will help promote the video site Hulu part of the project. It is understood that Hulu will release a new video on Daydream, but may not be exclusive. On the platform of Daydream, a music application TheWaveVR co-founder Finn · steib (Finn Staber) said: Google making large investments in application on Daydream. The purpose of the investment is certainly not only to support the development of VR content, more reliable speculation is that the early exclusive content. Daydream to pave the way for VR? After the establishment of a mobile VR Daydream launched the first significant "reference design" means, and more complicated hardware and software vendors in the VR part will be the impact of extrusion, but on the other hand, the Daydream to the mobile VR a unified standard setting, the hardware market is no longer a ragged. TVR co-founder, said Fang Fang, Daydream gives a unified standard for content vendors, especially game manufacturers will be of great help. If you want to adapt to the different content of mobile devices, the work will become very complicated. Accordingly, Google can also get some of the benefits of content. Daydream is like the Windows system, under the system, game makers, content producers have a standard to follow, output and output more convenient. Imagine, Daydream for content producers to fix the road, then the road can run up the car will continue to increase. Google and content producers, each has a profit. DayDream is not a daydream, is the future of VR Google, Google sale Google Cardboard,.相关的主题文章: