[grow] forty years old, write a letter to yourself – Sohu maternal and child-boee

[forty] growth, write a letter to his mother – Sohu inscription: my Lunar birthday is twenty August 1977, the Gregorian calendar birthday is October 2nd, when id not think birthday just fill in a September 20, strangely, last year my birthday and the lunar calendar birthday is the day. My birthday this year, my identity card and mistakenly fill a day. From the body, 39 years later, can be said to enter the age of 40, I decided to write a letter to himself. When writing a letter, I am very relaxed, only focus on their own inner, feel a lot of words from their own internal guidance. 1 often do not with their own, look at their own doing this, think it would like that, the old can not say, and take this opportunity to see it, but also really want to say something. 2 small move, I can only call you like this, just call you like this, in fact, who are you? What are you? If you’re right, you’re just a bunch of ideas and stories about who you are…… 3 don’t lie to yourself, you are happy, the way of love, support and guidance so much, tangible and intangible with you; don’t scare yourself, don’t worry about yourself, you are not only blessed, or be guaranteed, and everyone is the same. 4 in fact, I keep reminding you how this is a problem, I’m glad you slowly listen to a lot of. Yes, when you have any worry, ask yourself, what is really no problem, only you recognized that this is the problem, and each identified but you are not aware of the "ego" is just an idea you "behind". 5 do not need the mistake of others interested in it, not at all, when you stare at the mistakes of others especially when you first anger not yet appeased, tied his. Remember when I was a kid’s mouth saying, "what do you see?" Then, if you’re in a never mind that anger not yet appeased, and you only need to take the invisible ropes, everyone is innocent, you see, a smile, a day full of scattered clouds, which need to find a who is to blame? Dear, give more. You think it’s hard, it’s not for me at all; you don’t think you’re worried about me. The less you do, the more I can do. Yes, ignore other people’s voices. What does it mean that someone else means the past, "the expectations of others" and "the reactions of others" are all the predictions of the past and the past? The past is like a shadow, why should we wrestle with it or have a hug? Yes, worry about your forgiveness, not your income. "You may feel like you’re lacking." "you think you need to worry.". Yes, not for your kindness, for your pleasure and for your pleasure. No one needs your "kindness", "I am kind" as I am very happy". Take care of yourself first.相关的主题文章: