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Guo Chuan: my wife and son said strong and optimistic father route long – Sohu sports in October 19, 2016, Chinese first person Guo Chuan driving a large sailing ship sailing body, starting from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, he opened a single uninterrupted voyage across the Pacific ocean. According to his plans for the voyage, November 5th or 6 will arrive in Shanghai, china. But around 3 p.m. on October 25th, Guo Chuan and his shore team lost contact. November 3rd, that is, Guo Chuan lost contact with the ninth day, face to face column reporter saw Guo Chuan’s wife Xiao Li. Although many people are worried about Guo Chuan, but in front of reporters, Xiao Li has been strong and optimistic. Reporter: I know he lost contact with that day, in what circumstances did you get the news? Xiao Li: more than 5 o’clock in the morning, sister to call me, told me about this process, then I would feel lost, but I didn’t know that lost, what is the situation is more than 5 points, and then go to the Navy, the plane to get things, people say, not on the ship. Here, this time. Xiao Li is the company’s management staff, and Guo Chuan has two children, this time, Xiao Li stopped the company’s work, to deal with the matter of the whole thing of the president of the people’s Republic of china. Guo Chuan lost contact after Xiao Li and his family with the shore team quickly to the Consul General of Chinese Embassy in Losangeles for assistance, in coordination with the consulate, the Honolulu coast guard and the international maritime rescue center organization immediately launched search and rescue operations for lost to the sea, but lost to the sea found Guo Sichuan driving sailboat I am not on board Guo chuan. Reporter: at this time as a second time in the past, you can see we are, what kind of a way to rescue, in this process, you feel at that moment really worried, have such a moment? Xiao Li: Yes, a few days ago, I can’t remember which day, Qingdao Sailing Association called me, said to me the address to the ship’s personal belongings Guo Sichuan sent me back, I was a little uncomfortable, I said why send me back at that time a little uncomfortable, shed tears, but then think of it, he can not send to me, or to whom, they can not be placed in the boat, private goods must be handed over to me, so now I just want to, I want to see his personal belongings back, what his mobile phone inside, that day I see, maybe a little secret. Guo Chuan, 51 years old, more than and 10 years of occupation is two nautical sailing experience, the world record holder, known as "the first person" Chinese occupation sailing, Guo Chuan driving 40 feet in 2013 sailing from Qingdao, which lasted 138 days to complete the single uninterrupted global navigation, creating the level of single uninterrupted global sailing without power sailing the world record, two years later, Guo Chuan has led the international fleet Driving Super trimaran successfully created the Arctic Ocean (northeast route) uninterrupted sailing world record. Guo Chuan the beginning of the "Golden Pacific challenge" is not only the history of sailing from San Francisco to Shanghai for the first time a non-stop voyage across the Pacific, is to maintain the 21 day record, Maserati challenge. Reporter: Guo Chuan before departure.相关的主题文章: