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Hackers may be in the United States presidential election day hands and feet? Sohu, science and technology the United States presidential election 9 days will be announced the results, Hilary became the first female president Trump became the "merchant" president met with the outcome. All the drama of the presidential election of the details, let people see at a glance, hackers in which played an important role, since the Democratic National Committee email server has been hacked, some voters worry that hackers will really intervention in the American election results. Strictly speaking, hackers have proved their value, but may not have the ability to intervene in the final outcome of the election. Stop hackers intervention is not the United States Defense advanced technology, but not connected to the Internet voting machine behind the situation the plight of an American election vote came in 2000, when Bush and Al Gore for vote counting problem in swing states Florida strike violently dispute continued to the Supreme Court, ruling in favour, little Bush, and became president of the United states. The trouble is the punch vote in parts of Florida County, do not have the right to punch and some votes, this is somewhat similar to the punch in previous years statistics work on time, but also some backward. It is lagging behind the regular inspection of the system and officials, so hackers can do nothing. How far behind is part of the computer system of the US government? 2000 is the peak of the first round of the Internet bubble, many areas of the United States is still using backward voting technology. Now people may be surprised, the U.S. State Department’s Hilary served as secretary of state for 4 years, is responsible for the implementation of the president of the United States foreign policy to store hundreds of thousands of secret places, not a computer in 2000! It was the sixty-fifth Secretary of state, Bauer, who bought a computer only after taking office in 2001, and the computers were updated very slowly over the next decade, not to mention servers and Wi-Fi networks. State Department officials because of slow Wi-Fi printing, the file will be downloaded to the phone via e-mail, and then go to other places to print. To some extent we can understand why Hilary set up their own servers, Hilary will not use PC, her reply was mostly through the mobile phone, she and her colleagues may not understand the server, is to use their own servers and efficiency. In order to prevent similar to the 2000 vote count again, Congress in 2001 through the help America Vote Act Help America Vote Act, to replace the new electronic voting machine equipment to provide to the states. Do you think it will solve the problem? The United States government efficiency at some time to laugh with you, of course, another reason is money, even if there is a congressional appropriation, the state government will upgrade to update the voting machine, a more secure system is to be a lot of money, and for tax voters, the large sums of money into a few years the system can use once, rather than less tax or tax for more immediate place. In addition to money, information security researchers found that Congress相关的主题文章: