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UnCategorized If you are feeling a little under the weather your first thought may be to visit the doctor. This is especially true if your symptoms remain even though you have tried various over the counter products. This is exactly the right thing to do. You should always seek the assistance of your healthcare provider if your symptoms be.e chronic and will not go away. In some cases the following scenario develops. You see the doctor and get a prescription based upon the diagnosis from your doctor. You return to the doctors office because the prescription did not help you. The doctor says well if that medicine did not work we can try this one. This can repeat itself several times and still you do not feel any better. Eventually you ask your doctor about natural health remedies and learn there really is no medical reason not to try an alternative medical approach. At this point you may be ready to try something new as you feel you have nothing to lose. A natural remedy is really just that. It is something produced by nature rather than in a laboratory. Natural healing remedies involve using healing substances and techniques that are not generally found in mainstream medicine. These include things like acupuncture, hypnosis, herbal medicines, biofeedback, massage therapy, and homeopathy. Alternative medicine does not involve traditional medicine approaches such as surgery and prescription medications. Some practitioners such as massage therapists are licensed and have acquired specific skills and education to practice their craft. However herbal healers are not licensed. You need to develop a sense of their skills based upon personal re.mendations and their years of experience. Of course the internet is another source of herbal remedies. The more reputable internet .panies offer consultation services and provide detailed information on the usage of their products. One difference with natural remedies is that when you choose this option you will need to take greater charge of your health care than you might have under a doctors care. Alternative medicine may be the right choice for you if traditional medicine has not helped. You can purchase natural herbal remedies through skilled and reputable providers for far less than many prescription medicines. They often have few if any unpleasant side effects those traditional medications are prone to have. The Natural Health magazine is a good source for information on the safe and effective use of herbal remedies. Remember that herbal remedies are not tested by the FDA so you use them at your own risk. You should not experiment on your own with natural health remedies. Herbs and homeopathic remedies are easily obtainable. That may not be a reliable indication of how safe they are. Do your homework and if you do not know for sure, assume a herb could be dangerous to you and proceed with caution. There are many great resources. One resource book on how to safely use herbs is Natural Health magazine’s .plete Guide to Safe Herbs by Chris Meletis. Chris is a certified naturopath. This book is quite .prehensive and defines the natural properties of herbs. It clarifies their safety when .bined with other herbs or prescription medicines. Chris also covers toxic herbs that should be avoided. When used appropriately natural health remedies often provide relief from symptoms where traditional medicine has not helped a person. There are fads in natural remedies that should be avoided as well as scams and over hyped infomercial products. Do your homework and find a skilled, reputable practitioner that you can trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: