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He wan man: Hong Kong stocks have entered a bull market for A shares is what? When A shares are still at the bottom of the 3000-3100 point, Hong Kong stocks have entered a bull market, Hong Kong stocks rose this year has exceeded 30%. Especially in the second half of the year, Hong Kong stocks rally rainbow, September 9th, the Hang Seng Index and the index of state-owned enterprises respectively through the 24000 and 10000 bit integer, the second half of the year rose 15.89% and 14.88%. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 5.09%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 2.6%, small board index rose 0.62%, the gem index from 2227 points to 2203 points, also fell 1%%. Compared to the Hong Kong stock has hit a new high of more than a year, A shares hit 3600 points in December last year, but also a big difference. It is said that Hong Kong stocks strong performance because of low valuation. Yes, the current price earnings ratio of about 11-12 times, the Hang Seng Index of state-owned enterprises in 8-9 times, but the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index earnings ratio is 13 times, the 50 only 9 more times, compared to the 16-17 times is not expensive. If the SSE 50 and CSI 300 constituent stocks mostly traditional industry stocks, the Hongkong stock market is the main financial real estate, the basic structure of the same, why people can not we? At the same time, U.S. stocks continued higher, NASDAQ has a record high closing record. Look at the periphery of stock market, especially our stock market in Hongkong, a road, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment continues to rise, A shares but dawdle to want also back, only 3100 points on the ground more than 20 trading days. We can not help but ask: A shares also grind how long? The market really exists "long disk will fall" curse? From the market perspective, the recent Hong Kong stock market through all the highs, there are two main power: one is heavy banking stocks led by blue chips, especially in the silver stocks continued strong, industry, agriculture, in construction, to pay five line shares since June 30th rose in more than 20%, the highest increase in Bank H 27.8%. Two is the "King" Tencent holding Yiqijuechen, a market value beyond petroleum, industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinese Road, China Mobile and Alibaba, with more than $2 trillion worth, become one of the biggest companies in Asia market. The large blue chip strength from undervalued, Tencent took off from the source of growth. In a word, they are white horse shares, and the big white horse is as clear as noonday. But the lack of gains in the A stock market of the big white horse. Sort out a little bit, A shares rose the best stocks which do? In addition to the new addition, the media statistics, since the second half of the fund to catch 8 big bull stock, respectively, Sichuan Shuangma square large chemical industry, Xinhai shares, Huaren pharmaceutical, dragon pipe industry, prosper optoelectronics, Dongxu optoelectronics, Wang Lei shares and the shares, Masson technology, or between 72%-144%. The characteristics of these stocks is clear: small, poor performance, or the concept of reorganization and so on. A healthy and dynamic stock market, there must be a number of standing in the forefront of the era of the big white horse stock. The U.S. economy is not good, why can the NASDAQ record? Because of the recent Google, Facebook, Amazon and a large number of good performance of technology stocks; similarly, Hong Kong stocks bullish driven with Tencent is king. Our gem;相关的主题文章: