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Health The subject of hormones and the power they have over a person’s body is more familiar to women than to men. This does not mean that men can ignore the subject, though. When it .es to healthy weight loss and quick weight gain, hormones can be a nightmare for men and women. Certain hormones, known as weight loss hormones, have a great deal of power over a person’s weight gain, weight loss, and appetite. One example, which might be familiar to some people who look into good nutrition, is leptin. The source of leptin is a fat tissue that used to be considered unimportant and harmless. Now it is known that adipose fat tissue directly influences how to eat healthy. Now scientists know that the amount of this tissue is related to food choices and the success of healthy diets. When leptin is released, it binds to the hypothalamus, which is the central control system of appetite. High levels indicate that enough food has been consumed, and the hypothalamus tells the brain that there is no reason to eat anymore food. So leptin helps to shut down appetite and start burning calories. This system would be a fool-proof healthy eating plan for everybody as long as it was always accurate. A huge problem results when a person gets stuck in a cycle of obesity and leptin malfunction. Insulin resistance often develops in a person who is obese. This condition makes it necessary for the body to produce extra insulin to do its normal job of eliminating sugar from the blood. High levels of insulin block the .munication between leptin and the brain. As a result, a person has a hard time satisfying their appetite. More calories are consumed, more fat is developed, and more insulin is required, so the cycle repeats itself. Healthy meals and diet food don’t matter as much when too many calories are being consumed anyway. Ghrelin and cholecystokinin are weight loss hormones that are influenced by the amount of food in the stomach. When the stomach is empty, ghrelin stimulates the hypothalamus to notify the brain that it is time to eat. Food enters the stomach and it starts stretching. This cues the secretion of cholecystokinin, an appetite suppressant. As food moves into the intestines, the hormone peptide YY signals the brain to stop eating. All of these hormones are important in maintaining the appetite control system. The effectiveness of each one maintains appropriate feelings of hunger and weight levels. If one hormone fails, it is possible that another can take over the job. Two of these hormones – insulin and leptin – stand out as the most influential in a perfectly working system. Sugar is the key cause of leptin and insulin failure. A high-sugar diet changes the way leptin works and produces unsafe levels of insulin. With these hormones out of whack, your appetite goes out of whack. To start correcting this problem, cut a good portion of sugar out of your daily habits. Then, to maintain hormonal balance that will help you to achieve healthy weight loss, get good nutrition from a high-protein low-sugar diet. Knowing how to eat healthy for your hormones is one thing, but actually eating right will take you a long way in your diet plans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: