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Hebei boy was found last night falling trapped over one hundred hours no signs of life – Hebei Beijing Lixian County falling boy last night by the trapped more than 100 hours to find no signs of life CNR network Baoding on November 11th news (reporter Du Zhenqin Qing Xiang) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that the rescue uninterrupted for more than and 100 hours, more than 11 points last night, Hebei Baoding Lixian County boy was found to fall well. After medical experts confirmed that the boy was rescued when no signs of life. Close to 10 o’clock in the evening, the scene the wind blowing, the temperature low to zero degrees, to the final rescue work to bring some trouble. Involved in the rescue work of the Baoding blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi said the next step to continue to dig mud after about one meter. Will do our best to carry out search and rescue. Technical staff, has been close to the last page of the probe, should soon be the result." After working continuously for more than 1 hours after the 11 pm, trapped 40 meters deep well abandoned more than 100 hours to find the boy was successful. Dozens of firefighters and medical personnel will come up from the underground boy lied down on the stretcher, medical experts immediately conducted an examination of the child. Subsequently, the child was carried to the waiting at the side of the ambulance, ambulance quickly left the scene. Rescue deputy commander Wu Sujie declared: through the efforts of the deep well falling children have been found, after medical experts confirmed that the child has no signs of life, very sorry. At this moment, stay in the pit around hundreds of excavators and truck drivers have continued to turn on the lights and whistle, boys silence. Blue rescue team captain Pang Zhi in the briefing the child situation: "the child is found under the downhole mud layer, then we will withdraw from the wall at the end, the underground mining mud, find the child inside, head, feet down." In up to 5 days and 5 nights of uninterrupted rescue process, a lot of volunteers spontaneously began to rescue the life and death, for the sake of life, as long as there is a glimmer of hope will never give up. Volunteers said, "the children come up, we all look forward to this point. Everybody is this psychology, the in the mind is not happy." Wu Sujie said, the boy accidentally fell into a dry waste matter, the local government will carry out a safety hazard investigation. This thing is completely solve the safety problems well and similar problems. Has been carried out in the county wide investigation, to avoid the occurrence of similar incidents. The next step will immediately take measures to pit backfill rehabilitation, to minimize the loss of farmers. This hole will soon come up with solutions, pit stop position is arable farmers, farmers can not treat. In addition, according to the Lixian County County issued the "last night about the rescue of Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Village wells in the children’s work briefing" on the situation, look for up to more than and 100 hours of rescue. On November 6th at 11:30 in the morning, Meng Changcun villagers Zhao Xiangyang led her daughter and son, i.e. wells boy Moumou, to dig in Chinese cabbage. Children in the process of playing, accidentally fell into the abandoned wells. After the incident, Zhao Xiangyang call 110, and to help the village "two committees".相关的主题文章: