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Landscaping-Gardening Garden storage is one of those things that you never thought you needed until you’d got it and then you wonder how you ever managed without it. Garden storage boxes don’t actually take up a lot of space in your garden but they certainly provide a lot of space to store things in. It’s not just a matter of keeping things tidy either, because a garden storage box also provides safety, security and protection from the weather for anything you want to store in it. And what a lot of things you can store in your garden storage. Valuable garden tools will stay dry and clean, whilst keeping sharp edges away from little fingers and keeping burglars at bay. All sorts of weedkillers, garden chemicals and paintstuffs can be safely locked away from children and pets in a garden storage box. And you can keep pots and .post, or even a bike, a lawnmower or a barbecue in the larger garden storage boxes. Not to mention toys, toys and even more toys. Garden storage boxes .e in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, and in a wide range of materials like wood, metal or even plastic. You can find a garden storage box with lockable lids and doors, internal shelving, removable panels and with all sorts of other accessories too. In fact with garden storage you can even find specialised garden storage boxes for wheelie bins. The first step in choosing the ideal garden storage to suit your needs is to consider the space and locations you have available. Many garden storage boxes are designed to sit below windows and alongside low walls for example. Others are designed to fit into corners and you can even find a tall narrow garden storage box if that’s what fits your space. The next important thing to remember is access. You need space for doors or lids to swing clear and to get things in and out easily. When it .es to choosing the right materials for your garden storage box, you need to consider safety and security as well as lasting durability and low maintenance, all of which can have a bearing on the price you will pay for your garden storage. Metal is strong, secure and rot and rodent resistant and many metal garden storage boxes are made from PVC coated metal that doesn’t fade and doesn’t need painting. Plastic is also a good choice for colour and low maintenance and can be extremely durable. Despite this, the majority of garden storage boxes are made from timber, most being treated for rot resistance, and are a popular choice because of their looks and style. Of course in the end it usually .es down to price and you need to decide if you want the least expensive quick fix you can get or a higher quality garden storage box that costs a little more at the beginning but pays for itself over and again with lasting durability and reduced maintenance. It’s worth thinking too about your future needs. You could store toys now, barbecues later and potting materials after that. Choose your garden storage wisely and you won’t regret it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: