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Whether you have been downsized from a corporate job, or you are actively seeking new avenues for household in.e, the Home Business Marketing MLM industry is filled with opportunity. As 2009 came to a close, the US and world economies remained in recession but those in the home-based business industry saw a huge influx of new associates and consultants. The fact is, in a tough economy, direct selling .panies and network marketing .panies tend to see growth and renewed interest. If you are seeking a legitimate opportunity for earning extra money from home, and you enjoy hosting parties and meeting new people, a home party business may be a good fit for you. When someone says home party business, you may think of products such as candles, cooking gadgets and costume jewelry. However, those looking to be a home party consultant may be surprised to find many more choices in 2010. For example, you can be.e an educational toy consultant with Discovery Toys. If you are a dog or cat lover, you can be.e a pet consultant for Shurepets and sell pet grooming supplies, toys and other pet accessories. If you or someone who would rather repaint the the living room and you enjoy home fix it projects, you might want to be.e a consultant for Tomboy Tools. (Yes, that’s tools ergonomically designed for women!) If you simply adore chocolate, gourmet coffees, teas, and healthy snacks, check out .panies such as Tastefully Simple, Jerky Direct and Watkins. Other home party business ideas are: Purse parties Candles Scrap booking Wine Kitchen gadgets Earth friendly products and cleaning supplies Greeting cards and gifts Home decor Bath and body products Skin care and Makeup Wellness and Nutritional Supplements Clothing Passion parties For help in deciding on a particular Home Business Marketing MLM .pany, simply go to the Internet and enter the type of business idea or the name of the .pany into the search bar. You will instantly see websites, .pany reviews and other consultants seeking to connect with you. You will also find plenty of opinions and helpful advice from current Home Business Marketing MLM Distributors by searching the Internet for home-based business forums and home party business forums. A .pany or a distributor with a poor reputation cannot hide on the Internet! Another great place to find current distributors is article directories. Simply type in the .pany name to find articles and follow the link in the resource box back to the consultant’s website. Visit the Direct Selling Association website and you will find a .prehensive list of Home Business Marketing MLM member .panies who have voluntarily .mitted to ethical business practices. This online resource is an excellent research tool for help in making your final decision. The cost to get started with a home party business varies by .pany, but is usually between $50 and $150. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: