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Horse free | Yu southern scenery, for a "play" Journey – Sohu of Changan Mazda automobile in September 10th, "2016 horse free" third station "opera pursuit" from Jiangxi to Ganzhou. "Ma" left open a traditional opera culture pursuit tour in the south of the border. From Fujian to Gannan Caicha opera Liyuan opera, and then to Guangdong Chaoju, Changan Mazda owners friends and the well-known media people together to enjoy the local opera of the ultimate charm, from the perception of folk culture for thousands of years stretches far deep inside. The first Gannan tea picking Gannan Hakka tea picking opera is Chinese tea culture in a thick and heavy in colours. On the one hand, it absorbed the essence of tea and tea picking dance song, depicts the life of local working people’s daily life; on the other hand, it is influenced by the lantern show, to add humorous, lively and vivid content on the performances, the opera a faction and heritage to this. Gannan Hakka tea picking opera is most famous for his performance in "Sanjue" — the ugly beautiful in "dwarf step", rich taste of "the single sleeve" and "fan flower in different poses and with different expressions". In the city of Ganzhou Wulong Hakka Park, "horse free" riders have been famous scene performing arts master Xie Guoxiong scandal Caicha drama teacher, teacher, master Laosheng BeautyLeg Ficus pumila teacher Li Defeng, put on a gorgeous costumes, experience "Sanjue" graceful. Dream of Quanzhou Liyuan opera 13 afternoon, Quanzhou Liyuan classical theater, a song "Cai Bojie" tracks, actor or face rubbing eyes, or Fuxiu waving clothes, with a drum and was perfectly fine and slow beat, with graceful posture and mellow singing talk with thousands of years ago a story capable of evoking praises and tears. Quanzhou Liyuan opera is one of the oldest extant operas in China for more than 800 years, some of them can even find a gesture from the Dunhuang frescoes. According to reports, the performance of Liyuan opera elegant, delicate and quite testimonies, even have a basic program is very unique and rigorous, known as the "Eighteen step mother", "the opponent, eyes, body, etc. each action made strict rules. An Guangdong Chaozhou Opera in the pursuit of opera tour end point station, "horse free" team visited Guangdong Chaozhou chaoju. The opera was originally a branch of the Nanxi of Song Yuan, after absorption and fusion for months and years, has formed its own artistic style and form of the one and only. The costumes are an important part of the stage characters, the opera costume is particularly exquisite. On the style, different roles are corresponding to the dress, even the color is not the same, such as the golden yellow is the emperor or the highest position of immortal proprietary, and niche is wearing a red python, Python Laosheng wear blue or white python. As a result, making costume designs and patterns is particularly harsh, civilian, military attache embroidered embroidered birds, beasts, the builders lifework in between into exquisite chic act as a go-between costume. The horse for the opera still walking tour by Ganzhou pursuit gallop all the way south, crossing a road, hills and mountains, the total distance up to more than 1 thousand and 100 km. South u相关的主题文章: