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Housing provident fund was questioned in violation of intention to cancel the current prices by expert advice, interpretation of the story most associated with the housing provident fund is also fast. This time we are concerned about the proportion of housing provident fund. According to the China Times reported that in 2015 the proportion of housing provident fund in Beijing accounted for only about 1.5% of workers. In other words, the 100 people to pay housing provident fund, only 1.5 people in the use of housing provident fund, which makes the efficiency of the use of housing provident fund. In this regard, China Labor Association vice president Su Hainan to accept the "China Economic Weekly" interview, the housing provident fund is high, income obtained, the existing housing provident fund system will increase the gap between the level of income, and a heavy burden to the enterprise, recommended the abolition of housing provident fund. Housing provident fund deposit balances increased sharply, the rate is low, prior to the announcement of the "national housing provident fund 2015 annual report", "12th Five-Year" period, the housing provident fund deposit amount of 5 trillion and 697 billion 51 million yuan, an average annual increase of 15.74%, the final deposit balance growth of 129.63% over the end of 11th Five-Year. In Beijing, for example, last year, Beijing deposit 129 billion 739 million yuan, an increase of 13.8%, when people put aside to mention the deposit of $92 billion 62 million, accounting for the proportion of the amount paid in the year was $71%. It is noteworthy that the Beijing housing accumulation fund in 2015 annual report also shows that in 2015 the annual housing provident fund loans in Beijing 84 billion 886 million yuan, involving housing units of 101367. In other words, the number of loans to benefit only 10 people, while the actual payment of workers in Beijing amounted to 6 million 515 thousand and 800 people, the proportion of the use of only about half of the workers paid. What is the reason for the use of such a low proportion of provident fund? Vice president of Hainan Institute of labor Chinese Su gave away, in fact, a few years ago, many institutions and some large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises have the ability to build or from the relevant distribution to housing, can let the unit employee housing security or is assigned to the welfare housing. This has resulted in the current part of the unit and its employees also pay the housing accumulation fund, enjoy the treatment of housing provident fund but do not need to buy a house." This is also based on the. Statistics show that in 2015 the national housing provident fund deposit amounted to 1 trillion and 454 billion 946 million yuan, an increase of 12.29% over the previous year. The number of subscribers, the organs and institutions of staff and workers of state-owned enterprises accounted for 60.16%, far more than half of the country". Many private enterprises do not give workers housing provident fund, illegal? Organs and institutions and state-owned enterprises on the contrary, the proportion of private housing provident fund deposit workers are pitifully low. Data show that in 2015 the urban private enterprises and other urban enterprises to pay housing provident fund, accounting for only 19.07% of the total. Data also show that private enterprises have created about 60% of gross domestic product, attracting about 80% of social employment. These data indicate that the majority of private enterprises did not pay housing provident fund. However, in accordance with the "housing provident fund management Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the people Ru相关的主题文章: