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How far away is China from space power? China News Agency, Beijing, October – 7 Title: how far away from China’s space powers? — the Xinhua News Agency reporters interview China chairman of Aerospace Science and technology group Lei Fanpei Xinhua News Agency reporter Bai Guolong, Yu Xiaojie, Yang Weihan since October 8, 1956 Chinese first missile research institutions — the Fifth Department of Defense Research Institute has been established, China aerospace industry has gone through 60 years of extraordinary, has become an important cornerstone of maintaining national security, an important driving force to lead the progress of science and technology, an important support economic and social services, an important window for deepening international cooperation. So, how far away from China’s space power? On the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the establishment of China’s aerospace industry, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Chairman Lei Fanpei accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters. For the 2025 target space power Q: through a cycle of China space, compared with the space power in the world today at what level? Lei Fanpei: the party and state leaders, the concern of the people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life care and support cooperation, through continuous efforts of several generations of space, China’s space industry from scratch, from small to large. After 60 years of development, China has formed an independent and complete support for aerospace model design, development, production, testing and launch control system. At present, China’s manned space program has successfully launched ten Shenzhou spacecraft, Tiangong-1 target spacecraft, space lab Tiangong two, a total of 12 passengers from the smooth space; lunar exploration project successfully completed the "around" "fall" target; regional Beidou satellite navigation system will be completed; high resolution earth observation system to fill the gaps in many field; long march rocket has implemented 236 launch, active rocket success rate was 97.5%, the successful launch of more than 300 pieces of various types of satellite orbit; more than 170 stars, initially built ", composed of three satellite remote" system of national civilian space infrastructure backbone system; signed more than 100 cooperation agreements with more than and 30 countries, space agencies and international organizations, more than and 20 countries and regions completed 54 international commercial launch of 11 satellites, exports to 9 countries. For the 12 time with the service. China has made brilliant achievements in space, has entered the ranks of space powers. But also to see our shortcomings. From the results and product technology level, China is still not a space power, compared with the space powers still have a gap. Q: what are the specific indicators of aerospace power? Lei Fanpei: we have made a division of the space powers, including 100 product technical indicators and 27 economic indicators. At present, we can reach the international advanced level of 1/3. Product technical indicators, manned space engineering, lunar exploration and other major indicators, has reached the international advanced level; half of the economic indicators of economic indicators have been achieved, but there is still a gap between the per capita indicators. We believe that there are 1/3 indicators reached the international advanced level, China can enter the space powers. As China Aerospace people we feel the pressure, still need to continue to strive for a period of time, to 2025 real.相关的主题文章: