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How lovely healing home? Out of the screen to tell you     (original title: Healing hostel is cute? 10 ways to tell you) lead: Casa magazine this year’s latest best night specials Bo selected 50 Japanese the most worthy of a hotel, before Qian Zi also shared some. The magazine appears in the hotel is not in the traditional star, even as we talked about the Japanese service as the selection criteria, their excellent personalities from the owners to advocate a way of life as the goal, to find a unique location for your guest house, and spent time in every detail. You want to share with you 10 home today, around the "cure" the keywords. (source: Night house) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! Compared with the usual, expensive resort hotels, we would be more likely to escape the city’s exhaust in these ten ways, even if only for one night. Day overlooking the Seto inland sea in smooth water, into the sunset, and then waiting for the sunset gradually sinking into the sea. "Sit around a campfire ‘Saga · three Seto village farmhouse hostel seat to eat slowly, slowly chat   to the East is slowly penetrating rural vacation trend began in europe. In Saga County in northern Japan, close to the territory of Fukuoka County, a vast basin. This is called the three are the village, there are three intersection, cool and pleasant climate. Three are in the village of < > is the first seat; stay home on farm in Saga County, the operator was born and raised here a couple of rattan seto. In 2006, he retired husband village cadres job, and his wife together green home building renovation at the age of 100 years old don’t hospital, from the operation of pension. Two of them each year to receive more than 500 guests, so popular is the best in the farmhouse hostel in kyushu. Three are rich in water resources, it is the famous wine origin. < seat > began to grow their own rice from 5 years ago, and the spring in the mountains, add rice wine brewing. That evening our campfire dinner is from this cup of wine, then from the fields, the mountains just to harvest fresh ingredients of food: Roasted matsutake, pork soup, boiled potato…… No matter what the nature of the most pure fragrance. They repeat a lot, the couple consulted countless menu to the mother, whether you eat a few times, the taste will not be repeated. The couple gave us rattan Seto talkative filled with wine in the campfire, about the village’s history and seasonal ingredients delicious secret. That night, this idyllic seclusion harmonious atmosphere, always accompanied by our dream. People come here with their own reasons, perhaps after the end of the war into the daily routine. But the food, natural, can make people slow life to chat, have become the hearts of many people in Saga ‘second home’ reason. "To vent" Ishikawa &middp相关的主题文章: