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Hsu Chi Stephen Fung announced the marriage sweet wedding exposure [Hsu Chi] too child Wang married married Stephen Fung will be held in Prague wedding Tencent entertainment news (text Fang Fang) today is a good day, while Ken Chu was in Bali Island for the wedding, the other side of the reporter learned exclusively rumored for years, Hsu Chi Stephen Fung has announced the marriage, they willfully said. Suddenly, a simple marriage, decided to dress with, and not ready for the wedding, the most important is they said: "there is no pregnancy". Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung are married! Rumors have already registered two years ago married two months ago, Hsu Chi Instagram uploaded a photo of two people, and quipped: paparazzi can send nice photos? Su Yan and Stephen Fung are dating paparazzi, to see how Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung feel not just friends, netizens have speculated that the goddess is a public affair. Unfortunately, Stephen Fung denied, "just being photographed paparazzi with us", really is to allow users to empty a joy. Just reporter learned exclusively, Stephen Fung and Hsu Chi marriage has been announced, and issued a notice of marriage with the way of parallel sentences. The reason of Stephen Fung said: "Oh yes, our marriage is so simple; oh yes, our dress is so with grace; yes, our decision is so sudden; yes, we don’t have any wedding with the party; yes, we met 20 years of love four years; yes, I hesitate to marry her; yes, outside the entanglement of a lifetime decision; yes, we love our marriage: Thank you for your concern, what can be wrong, but don’t miss you love him (her). PS, currently not pregnant." As for why the two election in Prague to shoot the wedding, because director Stephen Fung, Hsu Chi, Andy Lau starred in the movie "rogue alliance" is a castle town near Prague shooting. In mid August, the film side has invited Tencent entertainment to Prague local time schedule for visit, 1, arrived in Prague, No. 2, No. 3 and held a press conference during the visit, Stephen Fung also arranged led reporters to visit the castle. But in August 25th and informed reporters trip cancellation, then the film side is the reason given by the shooting period is very tense, the castle will arrive, and may not be extended, it must resume open to visitors. At this point, the reporter’s ticket has been set up, and the Prague Venice Film Festival tickets can not refund, so it should be a temporary cancellation, and the film side stressed that the matter is not known for marriage. According to this statement, during the film, Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung is unlikely to be held wedding. But according to Stephen Fung micro-blog said, the film has entered the final sprint stage, so it is uncertain after fixing two will place a wedding ceremony in Prague. There are insider revealed that Hsu Chi has indeed registered marriage and Stephen Fung, non singleton status has been a period of time. It is also because of this, the end of July Hsu Chi friend Ruby Lin married, she had no way as the maid of honor, Ruby Lin has also been informed. In these 20 years of ups and downs, gossip at the end of 7 two family dependents met in 1997 to "bishonen" at that time, the media have reported two people false.相关的主题文章: