Hu Ge holding poles hard shot star in order to concave shape to eat how much bitter

Hu Ge held the pole star in order to shoot photos pose eat much bitter lead: Recently, Hu Ge appeared on the streets of New York, a mirror is holding the pole pose, the technical difficulty, editing to one hundred praise. In fact, concave shape is not a simple thing, the stars in order to show out of shape, I do not know how much to eat bitter. (Editor: Gon Freecss Hu Ge holding off the meat) pole pose saying this has always been one male god Hu Ge, in addition to weekdays with outstanding works on the headlines, always can give fans some surprise. This is Hu in the streets of New York holding pole shoot photos, and crowded on the popular micro-blog. Hu Ge looked at the face carefully holding the pole pose, fans have not said "do not envy that wire rod". In fact, this pose is a very hard thing, many stars to a satisfactory concave shape, are eaten a lot of suffering. Hu Ge, like a large piece of Wallace Huo and the beautiful snow scene of this group of, do you think that the two men in the snow in the station is so simple? It is not easy to do this. I think this is the best way to do this. I think it’s a lot of people. I think it’s a lot of people. I think it’s like a lot of You know this group of film but the winter went to Hokkaido to shoot, although Hokkaido has not reached the cold winter temperatures, but ten degrees below zero or some, plus in order to create the atmosphere of the snow blower, let Hu Ge and Wallace Huo wearing unlined coat wrapped in snow frozen dog. Fan Ye large underwater if you think only "starve" is not suansha, then this group of water under the Large Fan Ye? Hold water back and forth more than a dozen be okay? It is obvious that breathing is a problem, but also put the United States and the United States and the pose, the expression is also a face to enjoy, you said it was a big piece of easy to do? Statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Is the cloak of blame Madonna fell all happened too suddenly to say a large shot could sometimes be an ordeal, you will say, it is less to take large. But even if this is not a big need, this concave shape is also a "accident""! Don’t you forget the 56 year old Madonna from a "British Grammy" said the Brit Awards on the stage fall? Madonna Cape from Armani Madonna on the same day but prepared, in order to bring the other concave new height, Madonna specifically hired Armani custom cloak. But this is a cool and steal the spotlight, let Madonna accident appear on the stage, was abruptly from the dance of three steps high to pull off. Just onlookers, editors have felt the pain of the Mai sister. Quan Zhilong eye injuries accessories fanatic Quan Zhilong I love Wuli accessories coincidentally, Jiyong also had eaten other losses. As we all know, Quan Zhilong is a accessories control, all kinds of exaggerated accessories are his favorite. There was a time, the right to each appearance of the body of the accessories are not less than five pieces, the necklace to wear N, the ring is full of hand. But these are the concave shape of the weapon, so that he was injured. At the concert, Quan Zhilong was hit by the necklace on the corner of his eyes, instantly bleeding eyes, in order to concave shape is really a comeback, the price of blood". Statement:.相关的主题文章: