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IDS: increased market volatility concern policy clients view the latest market after a period of time after moderate volatility, the volatility of the financial market in recent days a stirring among the dry bones "". Gold Asian market first refresh $1313.6 per ounce more than a week low. The previous day digested by the market previously dovish Fed officials speaking, the U.S. dollar index, U.S. bond yields jumped, the day time in New York to suppress the gold price touched $1315 a week low, and recorded the fifth trading day down. At the same time, despite the recent week hedge fund holdings of gold net long positions, but the price of gold is also facing the pressure of profit. With the recent decline in interest rates is likely to decline, if oil prices stabilized, then the price of gold should be able to find the bottom, at least before the FOMC meeting is possible. Investors still need to focus on the performance of economic data in Europe and the United States on Wednesday. Technically, the daily level, the price of gold continued the previous downward trend, short-term risks remain skewed to the downside, if the outlook is below $1312.6, it may further decline to 1300. At present, the initial resistance of gold at $1320, further resistance at $1327.5. Although the last trading day of the strong dollar against major currencies on Friday, restart the rally, but the euro is still hovering around 1.1230 dollars. Recent Federal Reserve officials speech signal varies, especially doves speech, so that interest rates are expected to plunge in September, but the dollar continues to rise. At the same time, weak data in Europe failed to attract sellers, but if the dollar continues to strengthen, is bound to suppress the euro. According to data released on Tuesday, the German low inflation, August CPI annual rate recorded in 0.4%, in line with expectations and the previous value, flat monthly rate. In addition, the German ZEW economic sentiment index in September was unchanged at 0.5, the euro area in September ZEW economic sentiment index was recorded at 5.4, lower than expected. On the last day of the New York session of the euro dollar retracement, but keep at the top of the 1.1200 line, the technical signal is still neutral, suggesting that the direction is uncertain. If the euro fell below the 1.1200 line, it will retest last week low of $1.1120. On the previous day, the British official announced August inflation data, indicating that the consumer price index (CPI) and in July was flat, still 0.6%. The inflation rate is slightly lower than previously expected by 0.7%, while in the long term is also at a low level, but slightly higher than in 2015 and early 2016 levels. The GBPUSD extended on a trading day decline, again to refresh the 2 week low of 1.3165. British inflation data released on Tuesday less than expected, the pound suffered a fall in pressure. The transaction will be released in the UK employment report, pay attention to payroll data, is expected to be slightly lower than the previous value. At present, the pound fell below the 1.32 mark, short-term downside downside risk. Due to reports that the Bank of Japan [micro-blog] is likely to consider the introduction of further monetary easing policy, the Asian dollar in early trading strong yen, but the currency is still subject to the trend of hedging risk constraints. Nikkei News reported that the Bank of Japan plans to profit.相关的主题文章: