In August before the land revenue accounted for nearly 9 of local government fund revenue (video) coscoqd

In August before the sale of land revenue accounted for nearly 9 of the local government fund revenue in the future how to go? How to sell to spend? The first 8 months of the national state-owned land use right transfer income of about 2 trillion, an increase of 14%, which is the Ministry of Finance recently released data. But these huge amount of land leasing revenue for what it means? The three quarter of September 28th, the Institute for advanced study at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics macroeconomic data analysis revealed that in August before the national land leasing accounts for local fund income ratio has reached 87.89%, the local government to land finance, will inevitably lead to asset bubbles and structural distortions worsen. From the specific city, according to the Central Plains real estate research center statistics, the first 8 months, a single city land transfer of more than $10 billion to reach the city of 39, a number of urban land premium doubled. Among them, the Hangzhou land leasing rose 3 times, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other cities all doubled. Taking Suzhou as an example, according to Centaline data, the first 8 months of Suzhou land premium of 96 billion 670 million yuan, if the use of conventional way of calculation of the degree of financial dependence on the land (Land Finance Dependence = city land leasing city general revenue 100%), then 8 months before the Suzhou land dependence index up 82.6%, while in 2015 the index was 40.58%. In addition, the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanjing and other cities rely on more than 50%. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Institute of higher learning data show that in 2016 the national average premium rate of urban land is higher than 31.5 percentage points in 2015. Tax, and real estate related tax include property tax, land value-added tax, urban land use tax, enterprises income tax, real estate tax and construction industry business tax, since this year were increased remarkably. The data show that the first quarter of this year, real estate sales tax increase reached 32%, housing prices rose 17.35% in the two quarter income tax. "To tell the truth, some of the county’s attitude towards real estate is love and hate." A statistical department of the Yangtze River Delta, said, county real estate investment growth is very high, but the investment in industrial upgrading and technological transformation is very low, the real estate investment effect on other investments is obvious. In particular, the price increases brought about by a variety of human, business and other costs, the impact of the county’s innovation and entrepreneurship situation." Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Institute of higher learning believes that the real estate systemic risk is the most prominent risk factors facing China’s economy. The research group believes that the first half of this year, real estate investment on the explosive growth of property prices is mainly the result of speculation, for all kinds of policy effect in the short term focus on the release of unsustainable and repeatability. In addition, the rapid rise in prices brought huge potential risks to the financial system and overall economic stability, many city have been introduced, and the forthcoming regulatory policies, to curb real estate speculation, the real reason. But the credit limit, the purchase and other control means is only temporary measures, so that the property market is not a "fever". Author: He Miao more exciting content.相关的主题文章: