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In the days when you meet with the Japanese gaming arena quest school status both for the earlier CS or DOTA, or now popular games are popular in Japan, the gaming industry will be long in coming feeling looks a bit. For a comparison of the island environment like this Japanese mainstream PC platform, ignore the host performance, in the aspects of gaming is a little ahead of the domestic gaming professional school. In September 6th of this year, the Ministry of Education formally recognized the status of the professional gaming in Colleges and universities, it makes the domestic gaming officially entered a "professional" category. But this "Tokyo animation · Japan; voice academy" but in the last year officially renamed "Tokyo animation · · E-sports school; voice;" recruit students started gaming. That happened, Xiao Bian is the school’s graduate students, so take advantage of an opportunity to travel to Japan, specially came to the school to introduce the first Japanese electronic sports school how to. The Japanese gaming industry status quo embarrassing speaking of the Japanese gaming projects, in fact most people think will be limited in fighting games. Indeed, the fighting game has a very big market in Japan, the annual "Tougeki", in the "EVO" series high survival rate and a large number of high level athletes, such as Mehara Daigo appears to have let the Japanese gaming stained with the color of the fighting game. But in the field of fighting games outside Japan rarely heard the voice of the lost CS, DOTA era, complete absence of COD shooting game, halo and even gaming giant LOL in Japan is only open service for one year, these are the Japanese gaming in a very unfavorable situation. Of course, the reason is not universal, competitive consciousness including low and high performance of PC is varied, but in this year it seems that the environment there are still some improvement, but it is still difficult to change a "backward country" position of Japanese gaming. Known as the "fighting game gods" original Mei Da Wu as early as two years ago, the domestic media have successively reported a called "Tokyo · animation school; seiyuu will offer professional gaming news. Today, the news reported the school was renamed "Tokyo animation · · E-sports school; voice;", and formally launched their courses. Tokyo animation · · E-sports school; voice; is a comprehensive "special school games, animation, sound" and other ACG related professional, equivalent to the domestic occupation training school. It will be open for only 5 years, but there are a wide range of specialized and specific types of students who will take different courses according to different specialties to prepare for the post. The school and the stage, model room, library and even comic action acquisition rooms and other places for students to use in school, you can spot like work practice exercises. In the study of the school will also arrange for students to carry out the industry celebrity lectures, work in advance refers to相关的主题文章: