Intel unmanned prepared into groups

Enter the Intel Intel driverless group prepared in our previous impression, will be the most familiar melody of "lights, lights and other lights etc…. Now, however, you just think of Intel as a computer company CPU, then you are wrong. A lot of old software already is a walk in the forefront of the times of art, especially in the field of unmanned driving. Speaking of Intel unmanned feelings, that is, before the first "chop and change" of Intel and BMW, Mobileye with the release of strategic cooperation; to the recent Audi, BMW and Daimler, jointly announced an alliance with HUAWEI, Ericsson mobile telecom Network Appliance Inc, NOKIA, Qualcomm, 5G Auto Union, accelerate the development of unmanned Internet equipment the car needed. The central nervous computer why Yiqingbielian to unmanned? The Internet age, more and more devices through the network to achieve interoperability, they are all aspects of human life, including automotive. These objects and devices connected to the cloud through the network, data centers, is forming a virtuous circle of accelerated growth, open the world of all things intelligent interconnection. To this end, Intel is expanding the boundaries of science and technology, aims to become a driver of cloud computing and intelligent computing devices, hundreds of millions of Internet companies. For the transformation, has been trying to get rid of dependence on the PC chip, and in the mobile chip business suffered a "Waterloo" Intel, undoubtedly want car chip business to become the future growth. In the field of unmanned, Intel exactly what role? Since the chip company started, Intel’s game should be calculated". We do not underestimate the simple two words, it can be involved in all aspects of unmanned, intelligent car. And Intel can do is to provide driverless cars, network solutions to the cloud. In short, there are the following aspects: 1 new car can be calculated in the context of high performance computing, Intel provides a set of software defined Atom processor based (SDC) solutions. In Intel’s view, the brain equivalent of this platform in the car, to the integration of CPU, GPU and work load, operation and analysis from sensor, laser radar and camera data, and then through communication, 5G communication module and data center in this way, you can make these data for deep learning. 2 5G network 5G network, which is related to the above mentioned 5G alliance. Network connectivity is the basis for the ability to achieve unmanned, this truth should be a little thought can understand. 5G speed advantage is obvious, such as the delay time of less than 1 milliseconds, the peak value of more than 10Gbps of the transmission rate, while it is V2X, vehicle and cloud interconnection guarantee. In this regard, Intel is taking the path of cooperation and industry vendors. Including Ericsson, NOKIA, Verizon, including, they made a 5G mobile test platform, the purpose is to want to make 5G network faster landing. 3 cloud and data processing analysis.相关的主题文章: