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The wisdom of access a "focus" in the hands of the people of the comprehensive management of new weapons technology Sohu LOOKDOOR, the city of the future IOT ecosystem science and technology Texun November 14th news: Recently, the national social security comprehensive innovation conference recently held in Jiangxi. The mobile Internet today, the direction of public security comprehensive management with Internet plus thinking to a new level. In October 12, 2016, CCTV’s "focus on the interview," a program called "innovation crack comprehensive management," the program caused widespread concern of all parties. Mentioned in the program by a watch field (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. developed LOOKDOOR intelligent access to the city’s comprehensive management has brought new ideas. CCTV "focus" in the early August 28, 2016, Beijing TV Evening News "city" has to watch the evening peak area (Beijing) community comprehensive management of limited company of science and technology solutions to do a report, and the wisdom of access is just one of the terminal hardware entrance, the whole set of solutions by a number of APP, management platform, cloud computing processor watch, beacon and. In the end what kind of solution can make so many important media attention? The combination of these products can bring convenience to our lives? LOOKDOOR achieve the comprehensive management function, people’s arms in recent years, all kinds of wisdom and access their commander, in the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, under this background, the wisdom of access control system is more and more in our life. In March this year, the focus of the interview mentioned in the Guiyang Century City Community dragon Fuk District as a pilot area to install big data technology of LOOKDOOR access control based on wisdom "". With the help of LOOKDOOR system, the public security environment has been greatly improved. So how does the system work? Visitors to open the door after the completion of the wisdom of access control, the district will be the identity of all residents of the community to carry out the real name registration system. The system of internal environment of all-weather area, personnel status, housing information monitoring, protection of community safety at the same time, it also greatly reduces the community police officers and community workers workload. Community, police, property management system will be based on real-time feedback of information, targeted visits to the home, to carry out the actual population service and management. In Guiyang, the wisdom of access to the use of big data technology to bring new changes in community governance. In the country, making full use of modern technology to solve the comprehensive management of social problems and try to explore, there are many. Through the system, can really do: room management norms, population management, dynamic service control precision, convenient service, diversified information judged to combat. It now appears that many public security departments like the wisdom of LOOKDOOR access control system has a strong interest. They believe that the wisdom of access control system will help the public security organs to collect permanent residents, floating population, the identity of foreign personnel information, to maintain social harmony and stability has a positive meaning. In 18, the Dongguan municipal government cadre training class of 4]相关的主题文章: