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[interview] 28 minutes 100 million! The squirrel said dad five years has never changed mentality – Sohu technology giant screen Chinese map, now countless yellow thin root shadow. These dense and high – speed pathways, such as capillaries, end in Anhui, Wuhu. "It’s not the money." The two reporters whisper in front of. Zero just over 28 minutes, the sales of the two squirrels in the double on the same day has exceeded eleven in the first half of the year by 100 million. As of today, 20:00, this figure rose to 350 million, ranking all Tmall merchants sales of $eighth. From 2009 the first double eleven caused by the electricity supplier craze, to Ma recently announced that Ali will no longer provide the "internal electricity supplier", eight years of time, happened to turn the world upside down changes in this industry, play more and more. In recent years, the integration of online and offline, online business over two propositions, numerous electricity traders to discuss. For the former, the squirrel daddy chapter prairie forright accept capital interview in more than a month ago when a comprehensive description of the business model of their ideas, "the next line experience, online sales". A remark, attracted a lot of attention and discussion. Therefore, forright capital to visit Anhui Wuhu three squirrels in the double eleven headquarters again on the occasion, the last hope to continue discussions, to understand the progress of this new retail model, think and listen to Zhang Liaoyuan for online supermarkets, online and offline integration issues. In the eleven hours before the opening of the two hours, we asked the following questions: do you think the food store operations of the 1 guess? What did you think of? 2 this year is the fastest growing online business year. As snacks category head brand, this trend on the three squirrels bring what changes? 3 if Tmall, Jingdong in the establishment of the squirrel began to start the process of such a network, the platform for businesses to carry out very heavy logistics support, whether it will build so many storage facilities? 4 how to look at the trend of overseas snacks and health consumption? 5 how do you understand what Ma Yun said, do not mention electricity supplier, said? The next five years, the electricity supplier industry will go from here? Today is the day we have not cut the hand, go to the three squirrels home buy buy buy? What? Rob, never mind, three squirrels prepared 10 packs of mysterious forright capital users. Welcome you to share at the end of three squirrels and online super view, 10 users per message the heart will receive a mystery gift a wonderful view of 01 ~ 8000 months finishing feeding shop floor effect, beyond my expectations: this year is the peak of small Swiss squirrel in fifth double eleven. Five years electricity supplier environment has a very big change, Ma even said that after the electricity supplier does not mention. What is the biggest change in the environment for you in five years? For example, the way customers, traffic costs, user needs, etc.. What is your attitude? Chapter: no change in mentality. In 2011, I wrote an article on behalf of the network, "the last opportunity for electricity providers, but also the beginning of the demise of electricity providers" (click on the original text to read the original). Which referred to a passage: the online electricity supplier brand will eventually be due to customer demand, and carried out?相关的主题文章: