IPhone 7 frequent communication problems Bluetooth not even the BMW car total dropped 4G mycoolboy

IPhone 7 frequent communication problems: Bluetooth is not BMW 4G total dropped Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 30th morning news in the Apple Corp’s support forum, some iPhone 7 users complain of not being able to connect Bluetooth in BMW cars, or can not use 4G to connect to Verizon network. Problems encountered by BMW drivers include the inability to achieve the interconnection of the phone and the car, or a few seconds after the audio playback, the Bluetooth headset no longer responds. Although you can restart or repair the phone, but even if the Apple Corp can provide a solution, I am afraid that can not guarantee a permanent problem. In an e-mail response, the Apple Corp for BMW’s support staff to inform customers, iPhone 7 "is not a can be used for vehicle equipment, vehicle testing we have not yet completed," but also cannot give an expected timetable. E-mail said, "please continue to seek updates to the most recent version of iOS, and please log in to the update site to help you solve the problem." At the same time, users found iPhone 7 smart mobile phone connected to the Verizon through the 4G network, from time to time line problem. The affected person may still be able to connect to the 2G or 3G data, but can not switch to 4G, even if the signal is full. Some AT& T customers also encountered similar difficulties. At least Verizon has been aware of this situation, and cooperate with apple to try to repair. Some iPhone 7 users reported that the connection has been temporarily returned to normal, can be successfully carried out SIM card swap and switch flight mode. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章: