IPhone 7 this afternoon, we made an appointment to buy Raiders govos

IPhone 7 afternoon appointment, we made a purchase strategy of Apple’s iPhone 7 afternoon appointment: buy Raiders with Phoenix Technology News September 9th news here, apple yesterday released iPhone 77 Plus 3:01 this afternoon to open an appointment in September 16th officially listed. To buy or not to buy? How to buy, where to buy the cheapest? TeX (micro signal: ifengdigi) for everyone to organize the purchase raiders. What is the difference between the new black and bright black?   five kinds of technology to shedding the colors of the fuselage, from tuhao gold to rose gold, the apple iPhone 77 Plus launched a new two black, one is black, one is bright black. Among them, the "advanced black" bright black iPhone 77 Plus provides only 128GB and 256GB versions. A picture to understand the difference between black and bright black if you ask me what these two colors in the end there is no need, I think the above picture should be more intuitive. Ha, joke, in simple terms, is actually a matte black, one with a glass of black light. It should be noted that the bright black version is not anti skid marks, because Apple officials recommend that you use the protective sleeve. For non telecom users, we recommend the domestic version of the Hong Kong, Hongkong, Japan, the United States version of the price as shown in the table. Due to different daily exchange rate, equivalent to the price of the RMB will be a little small fluctuations. On the whole, the U.S. version of the price is not the lowest tax. Note: due to exchange rate fluctuations, the conversion price will be different in addition to the price, in fact, these four countries and regions of the version is also a certain network differences. State bank to support the full Netcom no lock, Hong Kong version does not support Telecom Card, can enjoy the official warranty in the country. Compared with the country, Hong Kong still has a price advantage, but is not suitable for Telecom users. If you want to buy the Hong Kong version of the friends if there are familiar with the local friends can contact you, today is a good appointment, after shipment to help bring back. IPhone 7 Plus as for the U.S. version, do not look at the cheapest price, in fact, it is not tax. In addition to the tax exempt States, the other states of the United States, the tax rate is different, generally about 7%-10%. And in addition to the SIM version of the Free, the operator version is locked, but the country can be used normally, not in the domestic warranty. And Japan, the country is more convenient in the past, there are a lot of people choose to buy the Japanese version of the iPhone. Because the Japanese law, the Japanese version of iPhone 7 is not mute camera, and all versions are locked with the operator, there will be some trouble in the domestic use. From my friends the generations of iPhone buying habits, to the first adopters, directly from the official website book more and more friends for the country. In fact, in addition to the official website of this purchase channels, operators and major electricity supplier is also a good choice. Especially in the electricity supplier, in order to attract consumers, will launch a certain amount of IOUS fee free installment purchase. What is the new year’s new plan Hwan? If you still want to make an appointment at the official website of iPhone 77 Plus, then this year Apple launched the new相关的主题文章: