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IPhone’s 7 pin hard to find a machine to teach you to identify the original packaging features one of the four major U.S. operator T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed that the number of orders for the iPhone 7 is already 4 times the same period last year sales of 6 iPhone; and the U.S. operator Sprint also said bookings for iPhone 7 is four times last year iPhone 6s. In September 16th iPhone7 landed domestic sales of Apple stores outside the crowded a hard to find, although many consumers Tucao apple a new generation of intelligent mobile phone iPhone7 Plus 7 series of "no surprises", but the current iPhone7 7 Plus demand performance was stronger than expected, due to the current iPhone7 channel diversity, we should also keep their eyes open in the purchase high priced machines at the same time, don’t be blinded by the illegal JS. The original machine is manufactured after packaging, manufacturers have never been dismantling machine, certainly is a new machine to ensure that original after sealing machine: first opened, and then packaging machine. Usually, the Hong Kong Version, the U.S. version of mobile phone is the first to enter the mainland opened before customs clearance, to the mainland after the re packaging, sealing machine may change parts, because the new machine profits are very low, sellers and price, many JS no way, only from the parts under the hand, then another package, when the machine sells them. The original machine real because pass difficult, less, and can guarantee the quality, so the price than the original high sealing machine. When you purchase iPhone, identify the intact seal parts, and check the serial number to distinguish between true and false are very important. Post bar after sealing machine is generally through customs when the mobile phone and mobile phone box box shipped separately mixed up, when to re package without the original box, so sellers can print their own a label affixed to the other mobile phone box, mobile phone box and fake code. IPhone7 what kind of packaging intact? Please see below: intact iPhone7 has a green tip, packaging is very beautiful, and is a one-time unpacking. This package would have to keep their eyes open the original packaging is basically relying on the tape package, once opened the country to recover the licensed packaging accessories inside very obvious feature of the charger, this is easy to be transferred, if the triangle is the Hong Kong version of the headset is also false, we have to keep their eyes open at the time of purchase. There is a kind of original box packaging is not packaged, this is the time to open the supplier inspection, but did not have time to sell the package, this package is generally a direct acquaintance of the transaction. For example, the following: iPhone7 Plus original packaging相关的主题文章: