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Japanese of China favorability innovation low: Chinese no longer buy " " burst; Sohu finance over 80% Japanese government report on Japanese cabinet with no more than 80% of the display of China, Japanese expressed no opinion on Chinese, is the history of the worst time. More and more Japanese choose to stay away from china. Reported that the number of Japanese people living in China in 2012 reached the peak of 150 thousand and 399 in, and then continued to decrease in 2015 to reduce the number of people. Even so, China is the country with the largest number of Japanese living outside the United states. However, from the point of view of the number of overseas companies in Japan, China still ranks first. Japanese companies have more than 70 thousand outlets overseas, of which there are 33 thousand in china. The United States ranked second in less than 8 thousand outlets, and China is a huge gap. From these data can also be seen in the close ties between China and japan. China tourists burst buy fever last year, with a large number of China the influx of tourists, tourists and travelers in Japan reception number and amount of consumption on both new highs, inject vitality into the weak Japanese economy. Statistics show that in 2015 Chinese tourists contributed nearly 80 billion of japan. This figure is higher than in 2015, Ningxia, Qinghai and Tibet provinces in the retail sales of consumer goods. Even the tourism province of Hainan, in 2015 the total retail sales of social consumer goods is only 132 billion 500 million. The picture shows Chinese tourists shopping in duty-free shops in Tokyo. But with China’s economic slowdown and changes in the exchange rate market, the explosive buying boom this year, stagnation. Travel to Japan this year, the main force of Tourism – Chinese tourists per capita consumption has dropped significantly. The second quarter amount of per capita consumption of tourists to Japan China for 219 thousand and 900 yen (about 13 thousand and 700 yuan), up sharply decreased by 22.9%. Although the per capita consumption of Chinese tourists has declined, but it is still nearly 1.4 times the per capita consumption of tourists to japan. The first quarter per capita spending by China tourists decreased by 11%. Chinese burst buy Japanese real estate nouveau riche nearly two years, Japanese house prices rose nearly 30%, while the Japanese agency owes much to the influx of Chinese buyers. Statistics show that in 2015, the number of Chinese investors for the purchase of Listed Companies in Japan than in 2014, an increase of 191%, the total value of the inquiry as high as $532 million. More and more Chinese will think of Japan to invest in real estate, and then put them into bed and breakfast. The hostel has become an important incentive for Chinese Japanese real estate investment. At the same time, the Japanese real estate after 25 years of adjustment, return of investment value, the current price has rebounded, in Abe economics and quantitative easing has launched in 2012 that Japanese prices have steadily increased by 20%. (integrated global network, surging news reports)相关的主题文章: