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Jiaodong "fishing custom tour" into new tourism hot – Beijing, China News Agency, Yantai 14 September Xinhua: Jiaodong "fishing custom tour" into a new tourism hot author Yang Bingsun Chun Ming 13 morning, Yantai Long Island port is busy, although summer has passed, but there are still many tourists to eat. Seafood, yachts, etc…… Jiaodong "fishing custom tour" has become a new hot spot of tourism to attract many tourists at home and abroad. Fishing boss real Zhenghao is a native of Long Island, engaged in fishing for more than ten years. 13 early in the morning came to the pier real Zhenghao holding a sign for an appointment of the guests, he said: "the daughter-in-law Tianbuliangjiu up to make breakfast, the guests home can eat hot meals, we can not let the tourists hungry around the island." Fang Zhenghao also said that 3 months of Huang Bohai fishing moratorium ended, Long Island ushered in a good season shrimp crab fat beauty, many tourists on the island have to eat seafood. In Long Island, the same business fishing music like Fang Zhenghao more than and 900, fishing tourists stay in the courtyard, can go fishing with the fishermen fishing, eat seafood pot, feel the fish island, fishing village, fishing customs. Penglai to Long Island route ferry staff Liu Chong said that in recent years, more and more tourists to Long Island, in addition to the winter and windy days every day a large number of tourist vehicles and tourists in and out of Long Island. Reporters in the "island 1" on the ferry from Beijing often encounter a Di Di, often said, she saw the picture of Long Island in the circle of friends, have been attracted by the natural scenery and delicacy, specially please leave, with a family of six to Long Island yacht tour of the island, seafood, Mazu the temple also to the temple incense island. The seventh Long Island seafood Carnival Music Festival 12 evening ended, the organizers set up tables at the intersection of natural pebble beach in Long Island, Huang Bohai, the table is full of Scallop in Shell, crab, shrimp and other seafood, just out of the pot seafood served in large farm bamboo basket, highlighting the characteristics of fishing island. Many tourists here to eat seafood, drink beer, sea breeze, enjoy the song and dance performances. The event also set up a number of large iron field Cooking Seafood, allow visitors to understand the process of seafood, crab pot, Scallop in Shell, clams piled up, fragrant. Long Island County Tourism Bureau Song Zude said, Long Island built around the island’s slow lane, like a pearl necklace like a string of attractions, visitors can slow along the coast from south to North Changshan island sargaxahai Changshan Island, along the supporting function area of leisure sightseeing, sports and leisure, cultural experience and other services 26, can provide traffic transfer, travel, leisure, catering and other services for tourists emergency rescue. In Long Island, visitors can not only see the sea, eat seafood, fish can also sing songs, put feelings Yudeng fishing culture. Long Island has also launched a yacht, surf, sea fishing, etc., and opened up the islands in the series, the upper reaches of the sea route. "Sea mountains" of Long Island is the only island county of Shandong Province, has a coastline of 146 kilometers and 8700 square kilometers of sea area, is a national scenic area, is also the only China Island National Geological park. This year, Long Island tourists about 3000000 passengers. This)相关的主题文章: