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Writing Fans of the romance genre and aspiring romance novelist have certainly heard of this famous name- Jude Deveraux. Of the fine collection of novels penned by famous romance novelist, an astounding 63 novels that have landed on the New York Times Best Selling List! Heres more about this best-selling author who has been writing since 1978. Background of Deveraux Jude Deveraux is an American novelist, a famous historical romance author who has had an astounding number of 63 novels on the New York Times Best Seller List as of 2010. After graduating from college, the gifted novelist Deveraux was a teacher at an elementary school for a few years, before embarking on her writing career. The first few books written by Deveraux were The Enchanted Land (1978) and The Black Lyon (1980). Popular Novels & Bestselling Books Besides writing popular standalone books like Secrets and Return to Summerhouse, which are both New York Times Best Sellers, Deveraux has also written popular novel series that have gained a wide fan base. One example of Deverauxs famous series is The Montgomery Annuals, which revolves around the story and relationships of the Montgomery and Taggert families. In addition, Deveraux is also famous for her well-known historical romance Edilean series, which commences with Lavender Morning, where Jocelyn Minton discovers her beloved Miss Edileans past which is mysteriously interlinked to her own history. In this well-received series, readers learn more about the small, mysterious but romantic town of Edilean, Virginia through subsequent titles in the series like Days of Gold and Scarlet Nights. Deveraux is a talented author whose literary craft is evident in her bestselling novels and series which have also received many positive reviews. Deveraux has written books based on a variety of different settings and genres, from historical romance to time-travel romance and even books on the paranormal. Upcoming Books In 2011, Deveraux is planning to release new novels Heartwishes (Edilean series) and The End of Summer. Readers who are fans of Deverauxs novels and have been anticipating these new books, are certain to be delighted by the new titles. Trivia about the Author Deveraux helped to produce the video book Promises for the Vook, a company which produces video books. This video book would incorporate the story with videos that would enhance the reading experience for all readers. Deveraux enjoys watching television programmes and movies as well. Her passion for writing is truly evident in her wonderful novels and books that have continued to attract many readers. About the Author: This article is sponsored by Acmamall.com. Acmamall.com is an international online store selling over a million book titles offering free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia orders. Acmamall.com is committed to providing Safe, Trustworthy and Convenient online retail services for all her customers. To find out more about Acmamall.com, visit www.acmamall.com Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: